Vinyl Albums with Locked Grooves

Vinyl record albums are grooved in a coil that ends in a circle at the end of a side. That circle is still a groove, and can be recorded on. In 1982, I worked at a radio station that played album cuts, and played the very last long on Def Leppard’s High and Dry album, not knowing that that the circle had been recorded onto, and the song ends with an endless loop of the lyrics “No no!” It was a complete surprise to everyone, and it went on for far too long while we figured out what was happening, so I eventually faded it out. There are plenty of examples of albums (and 45rpm singles) that were recorded that way, with a locked groove containing audio. “Muskrat Love” by The Captain and Tenille, Monty Python’s album Another Monty Python Record, and certain pressings of Sgt. Pepper. In fact, Discogs has a list of 1251 such records. You might even have one in your collection! -via Metafilter

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