Viral Video Catches Angry “Karen” Berating New Mother For Bringing Her Baby To A Bar

Oh, to be a parent-shaming Karen shouting swear words in front of a baby… A heated altercation at a bar-restaurant was captured in a viral video, exposing an intoxicated woman confronting a mother for having her baby present. Fortunately, bystanders jumped to her defense.

A person shared a couple of videos of what appeared to be a drunk bar-goer calling out a mom for having her baby in proximity to the alcoholic beverage-serving area.

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Two videos posted on TikTok, which have gone viral, with one amassing over 8 million views, showcased a woman visibly overstepping her boundaries.

The angered customer, who has quickly been dubbed a “Karen,” was filmed looming over the stunned mom in the establishment, which was swiftly clarified to be a restaurant with a bar section, as opposed to just a bar.

An altercation at a bar-restaurant went viral for exposing a drunk “Karen” who confronted a mom for having her baby present

Image credits: @prettyinpink000000

Image credits: @prettyinpink000000

In the USA, many bars forbid the presence of children, even those accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

“You’re an idiot … you’re an idiot. F***** get out of the bar. Get your f****** kid out of the bar,” the agitated lady was filmed repeating.

She went on to assume that the mother, or a member of the mother’s group of friends, was named “Jamie,” to which the victim responded that it wasn’t her name.

You can watch the altercation below:

@prettyinpink000000First time posting a tiktok video. Am i an idiot?♬ original sound – wigginit

Image credits: @prettyinpink000000

After repeating slurs (in front of the baby) and ordering the mom and her friends to leave the bar, bystanders were finally seen jumping to her rescue, with a separate woman appearing from the back and telling the loud disturber that she needed to “leave.”

“I’m gonna call the police,” the customer said before adding: “You’re bothering them.”

A man followed the woman’s lead and also told the ill-mannered lady that she should stop and leave the group with the baby alone.

One of the videos amassed 8 million views

@prettyinpink000000♬ original sound – wigginit

Another video highlighted the moment right before the agitator verbally harassed the mother. In the video, the group, which included the mom and her baby, looked like they were trying to pay and leave the establishment. 

All of them were seen being seated when, suddenly, the instigator looked disgustingly at the child before going in with multiple “idiot comments.” 

Later, when the situation had escalated, one of the bystanders told the obnoxious woman: “You’re drunk…leave! You’re drunk.”

Image credits: K8

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Consequently, a bartender was seen stepping in to help usher the trouble-monger a little bit away from the group.

If you have internet access and enjoy using social media, chances are you are familiar with the term “Karen.”

For those who don’t know, a Karen is slang referring to a middle-class white woman who is perceived as entitled or demanding beyond the scope of what is normal.

To give an example, Karens are often associated with the kind of person who demands to “speak to the manager” to belittle the service industry.

The video ignited outrage on social media

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