Virus-Infested Laptop Selling for $1.2 Million

This is not a scam, it’s legit. The reason behind this whole thing is, according to the artist (yes, it’s an art project), “to create a catalogue of historical threats”. In collaboration with Deep Instinct, Chinese internet artist Guo O Dong infected a laptop with six of the deadliest computer viruses in history.

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“Malware is one of the most tangible ways that the internet can jump out of your monitor and bite you,” Guo told VICE. “These pieces of software seem so abstract, almost fake with their funny, spooky names, but I think they emphasize that the web and IRL are not different spaces.”

All together, the six pieces of malware — ILOVEYOU, MyDoom, SoBig, WannaCry, DarkTequila, and BlackEnergy — have caused $95 billion dollars in damages worldwide, attacking millions of users and targeting banks, government institutions, and average people.

Rest assured, anybody who will subsequently own this computer does not risk having other computers infected. The collaborators made sure that these viruses will not spread. But it probably would be best to leave the computer alone and not stick anything into it.

(Image credit: Soumil Kumar/Pexels)

Source: neatorama

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