Vision 08, 2008

Vision 08, 2008
Wed, 09/08/2021 – 19:07

This painting depicts a landscape among misty clouds, where the flow of qi (energy) is carefully rendered. Superimposed on natural scenery are fragmented forms, geometric doodles, and discursive lines that evoke urban architecture, digital signals, or the formation of Heaven and Earth. The broken lines are similar to the ox-hair texture strokes (niumao cun), yet the reference is overwhelmed by Leung Kui-ting’s modern twist, where he harmonizes traditional Chinese landscape paintings with modern spatial aesthetics.

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© Leung Kui-ting, photo: Maurice Aeschimann, Geneva


Leung Kui-ting
Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, b. 1945
Vision 08, 2008
Ink on silk
Promised gift of the Foundation Ink

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