Vltavská Underground by U / U studio and Re_place

U/U studio and Re_place revitalized the Vltavska underpass, which has been abandoned since Hlavkuv bridge closed. This area of Prague had become a place people desperately tried to avoid while exploring the transport intersection at Vltavska – but no more! The duo replaced vacancy and darkness with exciting freestyle activity spots in two stages, breathing new life into this forgotten corner of town.

From the daily menu, you can experience a streetball court, a dance floor complete with mirrors for choreography practice, pole dancing space, and obstacles to test your freestyle sports talents. The design caters especially to skateboarders, BMX cyclists, and scooter riders who are in need of sheltered spots illuminated by artificial lighting. Our concept was based on the beauty of the Vltava River’s linear stream which became an important part of the design plans; allowing visitors access to luxuries such as Night Spa anytime — regardless of it’s summer or winter! A safe shared space will be available too so both pedestrians and cyclists alike can utilize this new underpass without any worry whatsoever.

The underground space received a thorough renovation and upgrade, with long-lasting steel and concrete materials chosen for easy upkeep. The entire area was illuminated by linear lights to add an increased sense of safety. After a night of fun, guests can retreat to the chill-out zone that boasts beautiful views of the city skyline. Additionally, near the entrance which is conveniently close to public transport hubs awaits a delightful pop-up bar and bistro perfect for relaxed socializing or winding down after your evening entertainment at this amazing club!

Below you can see a few images shot by Jiří Kotal.

Vltavská Underground by U / U studio + Re_place
Vltavská Underground by U / U studio + Re_place

All images © by Jiří Kotal, U / U studio, and Re_place. Take a look at the Architecture category on WE AND THE COLOR for more inspiring projects.

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