Volkswagen's Spektrum Program Offers a Whopping 40 Different Color Options

This is my car. There are many others like it but this one is mine.

Following my “A Designer Buying a Car” saga, yes, I purchased a 2018 Volkswagen Golf Alltrack. I’ve logged 2,500 miles and am super happy with it–except the color; I wanted it in silver, but VW doesn’t offer it, so I went with this dark grey.

The Alltrack is only offered in seven fairly boring colors, because us station wagon buyers are a bunch of squares. But folks who purchase VW’s sporty hot hatch, the Golf R, are a lot more image-conscious…

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…so Volkswagen has made the seemingly crazy decision to offer the 2019 Golf R in 40 different colors:

Their color initiative is called the Spektrum Program, and some of the colors are classics: The “Viper Green Metallic” is from the third-generation Europe-market Scirocco; the “Mars Red” graced the first-generation GTI; and the “Ginster Yellow” last draped the 1997 Driver’s Edition GTI.

A builder tool will soon be added to, where customers can test out all 40 different colors, manipulating the vehicle with a 360-degree colorizer. Also on its way to all dealership showrooms is a color sample kit, which will allow customers to view each of the 40 colors duplicated on paint shop-quality color cards. To order, customers should visit their local dealer. After submitting an order, the build and delivery time is approximately two to four months.

Price tag: $2,500. Which makes me wonder: Is that cheaper or more expensive than taking it to a custom paint shop?

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