Waiters Discuss People’s Most Bizarre Requests That Show Just How Weird Some Clients Can Be (70 Stories)

There’s never a dull moment for the waiting staff out there. They’re constantly on their feet, making sure every client is well taken care of and content with everything that falls under their responsibility. That includes dealing with their peculiar food-related requests. Whether it’s a dietary restriction or a side of whatever-it-is-that’s-on-their-mind, waiters are the ones to make sure the clientele gets what they asked for.

Some of the best stories about clients’ bizarre requests were told by the ‘Ask Reddit’ community members. The user evil_snow_queen asked the waiters and waitresses in the group to share what was the most ridiculous order someone had placed and how they dealt with that. Their answers cover everything from unusual food combinations to unheard of allergies, among other things. Scroll down to find them on the list below.

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Barista here. We had a Narcotics Anonymous convention in town once. I had someone order a 16oz cup with as much espresso as would fit. It was something like 18 shots, cost about 25 bucks, and he downed it at the counter and went “woo!” Another NA guy wanted a 16oz cup with half vanilla syrup and half espresso. A lady regularly asks for a cup of regular coffee with a large spoonful of butter stirred in. We do breakfast sandwiches on bagels and croissants, and a businessman with a group of his colleagues had ham/egg/cheese, but he wanted it on a chocolate croissant. I think my favorite incident, though, was a lady that wanted a latte with half nonfat and half soy, a triple shot with one regular shot, one decaf shot, and one half-caff shot, heated to a specific temperature, double-cupped, one Splenda an one Equal stirred into the shots. The works, basically. The guy behind her thought it was as ridiculous as I did, and he loudly asked for a “mocha b******t drink” with one third goat’s milk, one third cashew milk, and one third giraffe milk, cooled with a chip of ice from a Norwegian glacier and topped with nutmeg and gold flake. Then he said, “wait, is your giraffe milk fair trade? Ok never mind then, I’ll just have a cup of coffee.” He still comes in; I love that guy.

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I worked at a national pizza chain for a while as a manager. We used to get this guy who would order all the time. He was lactose intolerant so couldn’t have cheese, and had severe heart burn when he ate red sauce. He would order an XL Supreme with no sauce and no cheese. I told the guy if i did that, the toppings would just fly all over the box but he didnt care. We ended up just baking the dough separate from the toppings and put the toppings in a small wing box on the side for him. Guy said no other pizza place would do that for him and he turned out to be a great repeat customer who always tipped well.

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I had a lady tell me it was impossible to make the dish too spicy. When I told the cooks they took it as a personal challenge.

I don’t remember what they put in it, but I do know that someone ran to a grocery store for another ingrediemt. It was literally the spiciest thing I have ever smelled. Just being an arms length away from it for 30 seconds while I delivered it had me coughing and treats steaming down my face. Guests at nearby tables complained about the smell; just so much capsaicin in the air that people 15 feet away were uncomfortable.


She ate everything. She ate every single bite and then scraped up the remaining sauce and ate that too.

Edit: Obligatory holy cow thanks for the gold.

Edit2: I know that I said treats steaming down my face, but I’m not correcting it. You will just have to deal with my autocorrect just like I do.

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I had a 4 top once that one of the gentlemen was ordering and asked for extra onion, and he made extreme emphasis on EXTRA ONION. So I go to put the order in and I have to talk to the chef to make sure he understands EXTRA ONION. So when the order comes out, I get a side plate of a cut WHOLE ONION. I giggle and take the order to the table. I put the orders of food in front of all the other guests and leave onion man for last. I set his plate of food and extra onion down, he looks up at me and starts laughing. The whole table is now laughing. Im like dafuck? Apparently wherever they go, no matter what he always has to ask for MORE onion, and this time my snarky chef nailed it.

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It wasn’t so much the order that was disturbing, but the post order request. He asked me to chew up the food and put it back onto his plate. No medical reason. No missing teeth. Not old. Just creepy as f**k. He got very upset when I declined.

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I used to work at Whole Foods as a juicer and this one guy would come in everyday and order 12 ounces of garlic juice to go (which is like 20 dollars btw). After a couple weeks of seeing him order the same thing I asked him to drink it in front of me because I didn’t believe it was humanly possible to ingest that much garlic. He downed it all in front of me and said this “along with much garlic comes much loneliness” i laughed and he said “no seriously I work from home”.

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Over the summer, I had a customer who came in for Sunday brunch and ordered a spinach and feta cheese omelet. She then adds that she would like it made without eggs. I clarified that she wanted an omelet WITHOUT eggs, not made with egg whites which is quite normal.

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We made her a spinach feta salad and the customer was happy.

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Had this skinny guy order two full lobster plates and a ribeye steak. I just sat back and watched him dominate it all.

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I once had a guy place his order, and then say “And give me one of those spaghetti appetizers.”

I had been working there for a couple months, and we had no pasta dishes whatsoever on the menu. I politely tried to clarify this, but he wasn’t having it. He just kept getting more irate. He insisted that he eats here all the time, and he always gets the spaghetti appetizer.

Eventually, he gets up from his table, storms over to another one, and points at what he wants on another diner’s table. He was pointing at their cole slaw. And yes, as far as he was concerned, I was still the a*****e for not knowing what he was talking about.

Edit 1: Our slaw was a southern style slaw, where the cabbage is shredded. So, the cabbage is in strings, but you would still have to be some sort of weirdo to confuse it with noodles. And a few people have mentioned a Dane Cook bit. I’m not familiar with that joke, but after doing some googlin’, it appears that is a joke about messing with staff at a restaurant. This happened in 1994, and the customer was an older, well dressed guy out to dinner with his wife. I’m positive he wasn’t f*****g with me, he was just an obnoxious a-hole that expected me to know what his confused mind was talking about.

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Not a waiter, but when I was a kid my little brother hated cheese but loved pizza. He was only 4 or 5 at the time and didn’t fully grasp the concept of pizza yet so when we ordered a pizza my dad would always have to order a “plain” pizza. One time we were at a Pizza Hut and my dad ordered a “plain pizza” and the waiter responded “okay, so a large cheese pizza.” My brother immediately started crying so my dad started winking at the waiter going, “No, a large *plain* pizza”. Evidently there was a breakdown in communication between my dad and the waiter and we ended up getting a circle of dough covered in sauce.

Edit: My dad is catching a lot of flak, rest assured when we got home he put my brother in a burlap bag and beat him with reeds, which was standard protocol for situations such as this.


Not a waiter but a cook. Had a lady order her tofu scramble burnt. So I cooked it hard. She sent it back because it wasn’t burnt enough. So I cooked it harder. She sent it back again and the waiter said she really wants it burnt. So I got a wok super hot, put too much oil in and proceeded to burn the c**p out of it. My chef came by and lost his s**t. I explained it to him and he watched me burn just ruin the thing. It was black and smelled like a tire fire. She ate all of it and said we were the only place to get it right. She came back every weekend for it and we had to train new cooks how to burn the living f**k out of her food for her. I still can’t comprehend why she would eat that.


My aunt, one day, she had two guys in suits show up. They sat down at the counter. One guy, tall and skinny, wanted dry white toast, nothing on it and nothing to drink. Meanwhile, his fat brother wanted four whole fried chickens and a Coke. What a bunch of crazies.

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“I’ll have a cold grilled cheese please”
-so, uncooked?
“no, cook it, just serve it cold”

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After 9 p.m., we have all-you-can-eat pancakes, and some dude ate 17 pancakes.

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Customer asked for a spaghetti with a side of more noodles and extra sauce because they were going to share. So, I said “you’d like one spaghetti and then an additional order of spaghetti?” They told me I wasn’t getting it and they just wanted extra noodles and some sauce on the side. I told them we would have to charge for extra noodles, and they ended up not wanting it. They somehow thought free spaghetti was a reasonable request.

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Used to be a waiter. Had a family come in and eat. Little boy eventually orders dessert. Vanilla ice cream and ketchup.

Yes, he put the ketchup on the ice cream. No, I didn’t stick around to watch. I would’ve thrown up.

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I worked at a pizza parlor, and the most ridiculous request was one that could have been so simple.

A lady calls and orders a “small pepperoni pizza with no pepperoni” I clarify and ask her “So just a small cheese?” To which the woman, clearly annoyed by my lack of understanding , says “NO. A small pepperoni with no pepperoni.” I again clarify and ask “You want a pizza with sauce and cheese only?” “Yes.” “Ok so a cheese pizza.” “NO I WANT A SMALL PEPPERONI WITH NO PEPPERONI.”

We made her a cheese pizza. She didn’t call and complain. Still not sure what the f**k she thought she was ordering.


I had a customer send back well done prime rib 3 times because it wasn’t “well done” enough. The cooks said fuck it the 4th time and dropped it in the deep fryer for at least 5 min. Then the customer asked for a side of ketchup.

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Oh how I miss my old regular.

We are not a fine dining establishment, it’s a small family style Italian restaurant.

This lovely gray haired gentleman would call ahead so that we could put a salad bowl in the freezer for him. After that I would go to his spot at the bar (or the closest one open to it) and set a large dinner napkin down (that he placed his salad/meal on). I would then place an empty wine glass with a napkin over it (per his request), just in case the dinner napkin didn’t specify that the seat was taken.

Once he got there I would go to the back and make his specific salad: Very little lettuce, extra mushroom, extra tomato, extra onion, no shredded cabbage, and no cucumber.

That would be after I get him two ice cold beer glasses for his 70/30 sweet/unsweet tea mixture with an extra glass of ice.

He would then attempt to engage in a 5-10 minute conversation about our specials for the evening, and how he could alter them.

The guy came in between 3-6 nights a week and always tipped fairly. He was the kind of nice old guy that would get you and your wife birthday cards because that stuff was important to him.

He then moved 45 minutes away and we never see him anymore. Miss the hell out of that old man though.


Had a lady order our filet mignon, when it was brought out to her she said with disgust that she had ordered the filet, not a steak. She proceeded to argue that a filet mignon was a type of baked potato rather than a steak.

EDIT: Damn this blew up, and when asked how she wanted it cooked she looked puzzled and said “regular” which I took as meaning medium.

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I also am an og alum. We had a old woman that would come in and say “for every bean I find in my minestrone soup I’m deducting 10 cents from your tip” even after you explain that it’s pre made she would say that the server has to pull them out. Then she would separate out all the beans and show them to you before she ordered her next bowl and be like “look, you lost $2.20 on that bowl”. Not in a nice joking way but a rude bitter old bitch way. Most servers just gave her as many beans as they could in the bowl.

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I had someone ask me how many wings are in your 10 count wings. I simply replied somewhere between 9 and 11.

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I had someone send back a salad because “it’s not festive enough”. I couldn’t believe that that was her complaint. So I sent a manager to her table and yup she tells him the same thing. I had no idea that salads could be festive in the first place, much less have degrees of festivity in which our salads were lacking.

So we put more tortilla strip, sweet corn, and bell peppers on the same salad and she was thrilled. Weird people, man.

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At McDonalds you can order extra bacon. I watched someone order a Reece’s McFlurry with extra bacon. They whipped the bacon right into the dessert. My best friend and I stepped up and ordered the same thing. It was delicious!

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I worked at a coffee shop and a girl ordered a hot cocoa. We have milk, dark or white chocolate, so I asked her which she would like- it was a very standard questions that we asked everyone. Then this happened…

“None of those, I just want oreos on top.” -girl

“Oh… um… do you just want warm milk with whipped cream and oreos?” -me

(Disgusted look and tons of sass) “No. I want *hot chocolate* with whipped cream and oreos on top.” -girl

“Okay great, so for us to make hot chocolate, we melt these little chocolate chips into milk. We have milk chocolate, dark chocolate and white chocolate chips, which would you like us to use?” -me

“No. You don’t get it. I want hot chocolate with whipped cream and oreos on top. I don’t want those chocolate chips” -girl

I just gave up trying and used milk chocolate. She was at least 15 too- seriously kid? Ugh.


I worked in fine dining for a while.

I had one lady order creme brulee french toast with a fruit loops crust and a bottle of champagne with 2 carafes of orange juice.

We made it. Actually we made a whole batch and the workers ate it. It was actually really good.

It was a hotel restaurant

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I worked at a restaurant/fishmarket type of establishment, where we sold raw product but would also prepare the food on the spot. One day I was helping an old asian lady out and she told me had never had a whole lobster and would love to try one. As she was shopping in the fishMARKET portion, I assumed she wanted it live. So we went over to the lobster tank and she picked the happiest little lobster out there. I asked her if she wanted to pay $16.99 for it alive or $22.99 for us to cook and serve it to her. She decided to take it alive, so I took some time to weigh it out, and wrap it up in a takeout box for her to take home. I put it down on the table and walk away. A minute or two later I hear a commotion and come out to see this little asian lady with a knife trying to cut off the claw of the lobster… Apparently she thought that she was supposed to eat this thing live. I cooked it for her.

**TL:DR Asian Lady didnt know you had to cook lobster before eating…**

EDIT: I’m aware that lobster sashimi is a popular dish, but typically in that scenario the lobster is freshly killed and the meat is presented to the consumer un-cooked. This lady was not eating it “sashimi” style, but rather trying to fight with a lobster in order to eat it. She clearly had no idea what she was doing.

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I worked for a while in a vegetarian/vegan-friendly buffet restaurant. Now, the great majority of people were actually really nice, not particularly haughty about their diet or anything, but I had two customers that were, let’s say, different.

The first one came up to me with a plate already filled with various salads (that she, being a buffet, had personally selected). She showed me the plate and asked me: “Do your salads have any raw ingredients in it?” And before I could answer: “Because I’m pregnant, see, so I can’t eat anything raw.” While still showing me her plate of definitely-raw, various-veggies-and-fruits salads.

I was so dumbstruck that all I could say was “Let me ask the kitchen to make sure”. And I actually did, because “is salad raw” is one of these questions that make you question even the most basic things, such as what a salad is, or what hats are. I asked the chef if our salads had raw ingredients in them, he looked at me and said: “Is she familiar with the concept of salad?”
We ended up switching her plate for another one because yes, our salads had raw ingredients in them. However, all in all, she was really nice about it and didn’t mind waiting a bit more for us to fix her plate.

The second one was, however, a bit more rude. She came up to me and told me that she could only eat raw, vegan stuff. I thus directed her to the salad buffet (because, hey, now I was pretty sure they were made of raw ingredients), and that’s when she scowled at me and said: “Uh, yeah, but I’m getting a bit tired of salads, you know?”

You tremendous twat – you bestow upon other people the task of finding you food that fits your incredibly narrow criteria and then you b***h that it’s a tad unoriginal? She later complained that we didn’t didn’t have any raw cake (the cake was already vegan, mind you, but yeah, we had baked it).

This is the only time I really thought “You are an insult to natural selection”.


Worked at Red Lobster, we had three frequent customers with specific needs that we always catered to.

The Lemon Man: Always wanted a bowl full of lemons. Normally we don’t give people multiple lemons because they just use it to make lemonade. This guy used lemons on everything from his biscuits to desert.

No-Garlic Lady: Always wanted the cheese biscuits without the garlic/butter coating on top. We would make a whole batch just for her.

Crispy Biscuits: This lady wanted her biscuits extra crispy, or she’d turn them away. Only a few people were ever able to make them to her satisfaction on the first try, and you prayed to God they were working that day if she walked in.

All three of these customers were of the elderly kind and tipped extremely well. Can’t say there was any “how did you deal with this” other than just doing it. Never understood why the managers let this be a thing.


I had a woman call me back to the table because I didnt place her nachos close enough to her. She asked me to push them closer to her.

EDIT: There was nothing wrong with her. She was just fat, lazy, and ignorant. Heres some extra icing on the cake. She was in a group of 5 people and when the bill came she said she would take care of it (to the cheers of her friends). $5 tip on $75 check.

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Ahh I’m late to this party… But when I worked at a hibachi/sushi/Japanese place this family came in with an adult son who had some kind of mental disability and only wanted to eat breakfast food. The mom asked if we had bread, we didnt, she went to the gas station next door and bought bread, and came back and asked me to toast it. Now, there is no toaster in the restaurant, and I had to explain to the 100% Chinese barely English-speaking kitchen to cook three eggs rare on one side (sunny side up) and bread medium rare (toast)…. It worked out and everybody was happy, chefs were super confused as to why anyone would want that.


This is my thread! I don’t care if this gets buried, I love this story.
I used to work at Olive Garden. At Olive Garden, there’s a dish called the “Five Cheese Marinara”. You know, essentially a plate loaded up with cheesy magic with a little bit of pasta thrown in.
One day, a stupid man with his stupid wife come in, and the man says “I want the Five Cheese Marinara, but I don’t like cheese.” I look him dead in the eye and say “Then don’t order that, you’re not going to like it.” Instead of being a sane, rational person, the man says “Oh, can’t you just have them take some of the cheese off?” Again, I repeat “You will not like this, it’s almost all cheese.” But he insists. I just accept it, curse this stupid man, ring the dish in, and immediately run to the kitchen. I let the kitchen, and my manager, know that he’s going to send it back. Of course, my manager is the nicest man in the entire world and refunds his ENTIRE MEAL and brings him a new one once he, unsurprisingly, sent it back because it was “too cheesy”. He left me four cents as a tip. Stupid a*****e.


I had a woman ask me to microwave a milkshake she ordered. She claimed she was allergic to cold things. Is this even possible? When I told the management (we’re supposed to tell the managers if anyone has an allergy) we all kind of just sat there for a minute and thought about what was just said, laughed a little, then microwaved her shake.

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Well, I don’t even remember all the specifics, but I once had this old lady come into Olive Garden and order something and literally customize every ingredient. We had one promo entree that contained risotto. She asked me what risotto was, and then asked me to switch it out for plain brown rice and squash. Neither of which we had. We made all our sauces in house, but they weren’t made on the spot for each order. She even tried to customize the ingredients in the sauce. And the end of everything after I ran around trying to make her happy, she complained to management that I was incompetent for not being a magician and changing how a restaurant works.

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this is from back in the day but I remember it as an example of how ridiculous people are.

salmon quesadilla. except, no tortilla, no cheese, sub chicken for salmon, add green peppers, no mushrooms, double extra black beans and can I that with rice?

so basically chicken and blackbean stew with rice? bitch please. we aren’t your personal chef. menu or gtfo.

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Pickle pizza. Yes, dill pickles on pizza. Blew my mind. It was cubed pickles, not wedges or the rounds you’d use on a sandwich.

I tried it later that day.
Surprisingly delicious.

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Boyfriend was a cook at a restaurant, guy asked for a rare steak. Proper rare wasn’t rare enough and he sent it back multiple times. Boyfriend got pissed, put a steak on the grill for five seconds each side and sent it out. The guy said it was the best steak he ever had and gave a huge tip.


Lady ordered mac and cheese, sent it back because tbere was cheese, I asked her. Verbatum “what did you expect?” Apperently she didnt like looking like a dipshit infront of her peers


Had a guy send one of our servers to the kitchen about 7 times, which is down the stairs far away from her section, to inquire about the weight of different hamburgers…all of them were the same yet he insisted she go down and check and would watch to make sure she did.

He sends her away to mull it over for a while and you can see him snickering with his equally douchey looking two sons. Finally the guy decides he wants a 24oz grilled “burger” with nothing else but the patty, no seasoning or anything. Not like some hulking bro trying to get extra protein, just an old a*****e who wanted to f**k with the poor server. Ate a bite, said he didn’t like it and ordered another burger. Tipped a very solid 0% after telling her “it’d all be worth it!”

This is why we’re all mildly functioning alcoholics.

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The strangest request! When I worked for Starbucks, I helped open the first drive thru store in the area so it was a learning process for some customers.

A lady orders in the drive thru lane an iced venti vanilla latte with 22 sweet n lows.

Me: 22 sweet n lows, like two two??

Customer: *sigh* yes 22 sweet n lows.

Me: OK, please pull up.

Now at the drive thru we put the extra milk and sugar in the drinks for the customers, when in a cafe they would add it on their own. So, the person working the bar looks at me like for real this lady wants 22 packs of sweet n low in her latte? That’s what she said so that’s what we made her.

They lady pulls up and pays for her drink. I hand it over and tell her to have a nice day. She stops and says “oh, can I get those sweet n lows now?” I just looked at her and said that they were already in her drink, boy was she pissed!!

She wanted us to hand her 22 packs of sweet n low in the drive thru so that she could take them home.


One couple in particular made the chef rage so hard she just walked out. Wife orders some meal and makes a ton of changes to it. She gets the plate takes one bite and sends it back because she doesn’t like it. Husband orders $60 lobster plate. The lobster tail comes with pepper sprinkled on top. The husband sends it back and wants a whole new one with no pepper on top. Apparently his wife wanted to try one piece but doesn’t like pepper.

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I went out to eat with a coworker at a bar/restaurant and she ordered a “blackened Cajun chicken sandwich, no blackened, no Cajun”. The waiter says “so you just want a chicken sandwich?” And she was annoyed and says “NOOOO! I want a blackened Cajun chicken sandwich, just no blackened or Cajun”. She got a chicken sandwich and I got the right to make fun of her for the past 7 years.


As a line cook forever I can tell you strange requests need to not only be understood by the server, but then translated to the cooks who most likely aren’t in the mood for antics during a dinner rush.


Vegetarians who eat seafood and vegans who eat eggs are as far as it usually goes. But the worst I had was vegans who were allergic to nuts and gluten free. We have a seven page menu and all they could have was one of our salads… They had a full on argument with me and the manager that we should have a menu with more variety. If your dietary requirements are that specific you should really call ahead or plan better…

Edit: Totally meant seafood not srafood. And we do have a lot of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options on our menu, but with my main gripe it was significantly harder. Also worth pointing out, we are a Spanish tapas restaurant so all servings are not main meal size servings.

Also I do know that vegetarians who eat seafood are called Pescetarians, and I understand why. That’s why it wasn’t a massive gripe of mine, it can just get tricky when we have a ten course banquet and someone who couldn’t eat fish as far as we know actually can and ends up taking a serving of fish instead of the vegetarian meal we prepared them.


Not a waiter, but a cook. I worked at an upscale pan-asian restaurant. We were asked to make an almond chicken, with the sides, *but* the entire contents of the plate had to be put in a blender to be made into a shake for a woman who had recently had her jaw wired shut.

We made it… It was actually quite tasty.

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2 come to mind

1. I had to wear glasses for a couple of weeks from a hit I took to my eye. 1 top I was serving asked if he could use my glasses to eat because he had a hard time seeing. I said no because I’m using it for medical reasons. He then starts flipping a s**t about how the customer gets what he wants. I wave my manager over and she pretty much heard the whole thing and her response was priceless, “sir I understand that you have bad eye sight and this unfortunate but he needs those glasses. Besides, would you ask to borrow someone’s underware if you weren’t wearing a pair? Glasses are the underwear for the face.” He apologized.

2. This woman saw that we had ahi tuna (also know as yellow fin tuna) and rice. She demanded we make sushi. I told her that’s not on our menu. She said she heard the table over got a request they asked for that’s not on the menu. That request at the next table was to use unmarinated chicken. Just regular seasoned chicken, no problem. She ranted that we were discriminating her (strange hearing that coming out of a white persons mouth). I get fed up, told my manager and chef. They both are about to bleed out their ears on how dumb this is. Chef cut the tuna and just pressed the rice togeather. It just looks like flat slices of tuna just topped with rice and nothing else with it. It brought to the table and she says, “you didn’t even try! Where’s the seaweed, cucumber, avocado, and Wasabi? Are you trying to get me to walk out?” My manager just stares for a second and says “Yes. BECAUSE SUSHI IS NOT ON OUR MENU! This is a steakhouse and we serve American style dishes.” This lady had the gall to say “you all are bigots, you ruined my dinner and I’m reporting your whole staff.” Fast forward a week or 2, the GM mentions that a woman called and mentioned we were being bigots and discriminating her and treated her unfairly. We let out a huge laugh, GM looks confused and we explain what happened. The GM starts laughing his a*s off and says what a crazy lady blah blah blah. This woman comes in later that night demanding I be fired for how I treated her. My manager tells her to leave or we’re calling the police. She storms out to the entrance and starts screaming that this is a racist restaurant. How we promote white power (remember that this crazy is white) and don’t care about our guest and how we’re turning back time. A huge crowd is just staring at her with wtf is this b***h talking about faces. She was really trying to start a rally and take this place back for the people. Wtf? Shortly after the police arrive and the next day we all get free, dope as f**k, steak dinners because we handled it so well.


I had someone order a grilled cheese without the bread…

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I worked at a coffee shop that serves French crepes. One day a sour old man ordered I make him a crepe with black bean burger, shredded coconut, pecans, whipped cream and powdered sugar. The dude ate every last bite of it. That s**t ain’t right man. To be fair I don’t think that man had it together in his head.


10 years in the service industry checking in:

At the Italian restaurant I worked at as a server/bartender/manager for 5 years, we had a lot of regular customers come in and had some strange requests. Most were nothing too special, but one guy would come in 4-5 days a week, and he would never order anything on the menu unless it was a busy night and we wouldn’t have time to “get crazy”. On the slower nights though, he would order things with sauces we didnt normally make, or special dessert concoctions (even though we prepared desserts daily, and did not make them to order).

The craziest thing he ever ordered though, was a Doughnut Explosion. To be clear, we did not nor know how to make doughnuts. However, there was a Dunkin Donuts next to our location, and he sent one of his favorite servers next door to pick up a dozen random doughnuts. When he came back, the customer told me which ones he wanted on his dessert, and I proceeded to go back into the kitchen and whip up his dessert to his specification. It consisted of 2 doughnuts, topped with vanilla ice cream, layered between the brownie cake that was our house specialty, and topped with Chambord and a port wine fig sauce that we put on pork chops. This was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen in a restaurant, but he let me try a bite and it was f*****g amazing!

Needless to say, he ordered it a few more times before I left that restaurant.


Had my own restaurant ..a client asked for a bottle of wine …i served it …2 minutes later client called me at his table and with a schmuck face telling me that the wine had a cork taint(trying to impress the people at his table that he knows wine) and that he wasnt gonne pay for that bottle demanding another bottle .I had to explain to him that that was impossible because that south african red wine had no cork but a screw cap…

Had a table of 8 clients , they called in a week before they came over to eat ,talking about the dishes they wanted .The woman on the pone sais she was lactose intollerant and it was verry important there was no cream or dairy products in her meal ..so i made my chef prepare her a nice 3 course meal withouth any of those products (that took much more time because it wasnt on the menu and everybody else took the same food)…she was very gratefull …then i noticed that after her dessert she ordered her second Irish coffee


I had a grown-a*s 35 year old man whine that our straws were too long for our cups.

Put it farther from your face.


When I worked at McDonalds some one asked for a Quarter Pounder medium rare, light ketchup with and extra toasted bun. It was a very slow time and we were all amused by it so I made one for him. He came back to compliment my cooking.
ETA: This happened in 1980. We used real grills and spatulas to cook the burgers then. We didn’t know about e coli in ground beef. I made it by cooking it a little less than normal so it was still safe in any case.


I used to work at this shithole corporate restaurant chain years ago. I had two women come in one time with six kids and not even let me get through my greeting before they put their hands up and demanded water all around. So, I walked away, poured the water, and dropped it off and took the order. A few minutes later I walked by the table and saw the drinks were colored bright red. Vexed, I didn’t want to stare, but I couldn’t help myself. Long story short I spotted a container of Kool Aid under the table.

Also, one time I served a local/semi-national sports celebrity. Aside from being a f*****g prick, he requested a mustard and lettuce sandwich. “With what?” I asked. “White bread” he replied. That’s it. Bread, mustard, and lettuce.


As a waiter at a coastal restaurant, we occasionally had dolphins come in the harbor right to where people would eat. These two old ladies came in and before they placed their orders, demanded I release the dolphins for their amusement. It took a good 10 seconds of silence before I realized they were serious. I passed this request onto my manager and then continued to eat free jumbo shrimp.


I had someone order a warm root beer. As in, stuck in the microwave and heated up. I definitely made a face but I did it. Really sucks to work somewhere that has bottomless pop and be sticking one in the microwave every 15 minutes.


Remember that the servers take the order, but then those of us cooking on the line have to stop everything in the name of organization and rhythm to make these f****d up modifications. I salute you servers for dealing with the humans though…..because f**k that, I’ll hide in the kitchen, thanks.


I used to manage a pizza place and our most expensive pizza was the chicken alfredo. One night a bag of douche calls and asks asks for the chicken alfredo, then proceeds to take off or change every ingredient to make it into a pepperoni pizza. I didn’t say anything about his stunt and charged 38.99 for a pizza he could have paid 26.99 for.


I work at a deli I had a customer order a bacon egg and cheese with no cheese which I reply by saying “so you want a bacon and egg? Correct” she says “no I want a bacon egg and cheese with no cheese” so I go and make the bacon egg and cheese with no cheese and when I hand it to her and she goes to eat it she come back complaining that there is no cheese in the sandwich… she was like 20 cmon people get your s**t together


Work at a pizza shop here. This guy and his son regularly come in and the dad orders a large cheese pizza with no cheese or sauce. It’s just the bread…every single time. The kid doesn’t like the cheese and sauce or something


When I worked fast food in high school we had a regular that would ask for half diet coke, half regular coke, and diet had to go first. She actually sent it back a couple times because we filled it in the wrong order.


Not a waiter, but one time I walked into Starbucks with my friends and ordered an Orange Mocha Frappuccino to be funny. Without blinking, the barista said “okay” and made it for me. I ended up being the smartass drinking an Orange Mocha Frappuccino. (Yes it was delicious.)


I used to barista at a café. I had someone order a 10 shot latte.

I decided I’d make the same thing. I’ve never felt so disgusting in my life. I love coffee…but too much. I was shaking all day/night. I mean of course I finished it. I’m not wasting coffee.


Used to be a waiter/barman/front of house for a wedding venue. Hammered guest asks for lager. Hands me their tables centrepiece. [The customer is always right](http://i.imgur.com/6iqLALe.png).

Was not prepared to keep the champions from their prize after taking the shittest quality picture, so this is all I have.


I was waitressing at a banquet once, and the meal was over, now time for coffee and speeches. I pour coffee for a table, and a man points at his cup and says, “I’ll need a refill in 7 minutes.” So, I set my timer, and returned in 7 minutes. “7 minutes again?” I ask, and he nods. So, I returned every 7 minutes and topped off his coffee for the rest of the banquet. At the end, he hands me his business card – owns a personnel placement agency. Says, “If you ever need a job, call me!” You just never know who you might be serving.


A club sandwich with no bread and a salad with 4 french fries on the side.


Don’t know if this counts, but a couple friends and I got 75 McNuggets once. After we got them We counted them and McDonalds was wrong so we got like another 20 after that.


I’m not a waiter but a bartender in a cocktail bar. We work mainly at night, late afternoon is usually quite slow.
So one day, two girls come in, sit down at a table and start looking at the menus. After three minutes, they come to the counter with their phones and show us some pictures, saying “Hey our boyfriends are on some exotic island and they got those cocktails, could we have something that looks cool too so we can send them pics ?”.
Now, the bar i work in makes FANTASTIC cocktails with AMAZING decoration : only fresh fruits, and a fuckload of them, arranged in such ways you wouldn’t believe. The primary reaction of customers when we put the glasses on their tables is “woah wtf lemme take a picture of this”.

But we decided to take it up a notch. We carved a f*****g watermelon so we could make the cocktail in it, sculpted the thing, and basically planted a jungle on top of it. I even had to run to the beach to get some sand, so we could place the watermelon in it so it wouldn’t roll over.

They sent pics to their boyfriends, who replied “okay you win”. The smile on the girls faces…

Yea, it was a slow afternoon.

edit : [I found a video on youtube !](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50oo0jfbI5Y)
Okay, it was filmed with a potato, but you can kinda see what it looks like. Between the pixels.


I worked at as a server at a ritzy country club on cape cod and this women once brought in a paint chip and told me she wanted her cosmopolitan to be the exact same color as her pink paint chip


Not so much the order but the guy tried to cook the meal through me by shouting directions from the other side of the counter.


this is from back in the day but I remember it as an example of how ridiculous people are.

salmon quesadilla. except, no tortilla, no cheese, sub chicken for salmon, add green peppers, no mushrooms, double extra black beans and can I that with rice?

so basically chicken and blackbean stew with rice? b***h please. we aren’t your personal chef. menu or gtfo.
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