Walls might become windows through new video-based technology

‘Mixed Reality Living Spaces’ is a new project created by digital artist Bernardo Schorr. It aims to widen the projected narrows of future housing and over-all living. Through specific imagery, a tiny room can become a library or a woodland meadow… It’s pretty cool.

So let’s get down to the real stuff. Bernardo is on the right track, but with the wrong tone. No one wants to hear about our bleak future of one room living, like hamsters in a wheel with no room for escape. He’s created wall-to-wall television, opened the door to virtual reality, and higher learning, but not once does he mention watching the game from midfield, or actually being at work while still sitting at home on your modular furniture. Let’s just label this a work in-progress. If the practical aspects of his design see the light of day, you just might be able to go on a safari in your living room.





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Source: designfaves.com

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