Walmarts are Now Being Cleaned by Autonomous Robots

Now out of the city, I do miss writing those Urban Design Observation posts. Down here in farmland I thought about writing a rural variant, but haven’t been able to get it to work yet. That’s because I’m rarely off-farm, and when I am, only see things like this aisle-capping Spill Response Station at the nearest Walmart:

I know, it’s hardly interesting enough for a blog post: It’s just some cleaning product and pole-based cleaning tools for when someone drops an open bottle of Mountain Dew. Perhaps what is interesting, is that those spill response stations’ days are numbered. Walmart is rolling out autonomous robot floor cleaners.

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What I found most interesting, is that the rep states that the machine frees up employees to do other things. Like…apply for unemployment?

Make no mistake: Your job is less likely to be stolen by someone with a foreign name, and more likely to be stolen by something called C-127A-15X.

Go back to your factory!

Source: core77

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