&Walsh Brand Identity

Check out the new visual identity of full-service graphic design, advertising, and branding agency &Walsh.

You may have heard the news that graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister decided to step away from commercial work. While Sagmeister plans to continue working on personal design and art projects such as exhibitions, his partner Jessica Walsh of Sagmeister & Walsh took over the studio with all its commercial projects and employees. The new agency is simply called &Walsh. After two months of hard work, drawing 1,230 ampersands, an existential crisis, way too much coffee, and 42 migraines, the new brand identity of &Walsh has been finally released. Just have a look below. For more, please visit the website of the graphic design and branding agency &Walsh: andwalsh.com

&Walsh brand identity
Two of the new prints representing the agency’s identity and personality: “Make rules and break them.”
&Walsh brand identity
Some of the business cards.
&Walsh brand identity
Typographic poster design.
&Walsh brand identity
Stationery set including letterheads and business cards.
&Walsh brand identity
Example of a two-sided business card.
&Walsh brand identity
&Walsh brand identity: We are not for everyone and we help brands find their weird.

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