Wanted: Lighthouse Keeper

A unique job opening for two people has been posted by East Brother Light Station in California. If you’ve dreamed about becoming a lighthouse keeper, this opportunity comes with living quarters overlooking both San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay, which is worth more than most jobs pay in itself. The salary is variable, but the last couple who held this position split $140,000 for a year. You also get health benefits and two weeks paid vacation. The downside is in the job description.

Innkeepers must assume the role of maid, boat captain, gift shop attendant, tour guide, host and chef with “high-quality culinary experience” to prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Additionally, at least one of the innkeepers must have a Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Credential boat operator’s license, in order to safely ferry guests

You see, East Brother Light Station became a bed & breakfast (with supper) in order to pay for its own maintenance and preservation. Guests pay $475 to $525 a night to stay in one of the tiny island’s five guest rooms. So you can see that the job comes with none of the solitude that the title of lighthouse keeper normally implies. After all expenses are paid for both the lighthouse maintenance and the business, the two keepers split what is left. So if you thought board would come with the room, keep in mind yours will come out of the profits. The job application is online. The position is for a two-year term, so be sure you can get along with your partner that long before applying.  -via Fark

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Source: neatorama

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