Wasteful Packaging to Blow Your Mind

(Image source: OldTownChode)

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This item could have easily been shipped in an envelope. How many times have you ordered a small item that was delivered in a large box with packing peanuts or bubble wrap just to take up the excess room? Was a large box all they had? Or was it a consequence of warehouse workers under stress, not allowed enough time to go get a proper size box? Either way, it just adds to our landfills in the end. This also happens in stores, when a small item must be packaged in a wastefull manner to thwart shoplifters. The subreddit called EgregiousPackaging collects examples that can make you scratch your head.  

(Image source: cheeseball359)

This one is baffling. The soda is in a can, added to a plastic tray, then covered in shrink wrap. Commenters tell us this is a kit for marinading meat sold in China. You put your meat in the provided plastic tray and pour the Coke over it. Okay, but you’d think that anyone making something that involved would already have a bowl or something at home to put it in. Something they wouldn’t have to throw away.

See 45 examples of very wasteful packaging in a gallery at Bored Panda.

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