Watch An Ostrich Try To Fly

Watch An Ostrich Try To Fly In Samsung’s Inspirational New Ad
Watch the ad below and be inspired.

Samsung has come up with a new and amusing ad for its Virtual Reality (VR) gear that features a determined ostrich trying to fly.
Ostriches can’t go airborne due to their flat breastbones and little wings, which are incapable of lifting the bird’s heavy body.
Besides, such a sight would be too hair-raising to comprehend.
In this spot, the flightless bird accidentally puts on the VR device, which has a video of a flight simulator already playing.
After seconds of struggling and confusion, the bird takes notice of the visuals and thinks that it’s flying.
Many runs and falls later, the ostrich ditches the gear and abruptly soars to the clouds, casting a beautiful shadow upon other ostriches.
Elton John’s Rocket Man playing in the background makes the ad all the more heartwarming. It ends with a quote bound to leave a pang in your chest: “We make what can’t be made so you can do what can’t be done.”

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