Watch These Cats Solve a Puzzle

Roy and Moss are Norwegian forest cats living in Switzerland. The puzzle they are confronted with is designed for dogs, but can be fun for cats, too, if they don’t claw the treats out from the top or stick their face down in it like Roy does. I would imagine most cats would knock the whole thing over in a few minutes, and then fight with each other over the treats. But Moss, on the left, stumbles upon the solution once, then seems to remember it for a second attempt. The third level is baffling, though, as that handle is on Roy’s side, and the cat is too polite to invade his brother’s space. But he finally figures it out. You can almost see the gears going around in the cats’ heads. Well, at least Moss’s head. Roy is happy to let his brother do the heavy thinking. See more of Roy and Moss at Instagram.  

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Source: neatorama

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