Watch Water Solve a Maze

You may have seen a popular TikTok video by Bergman Joe in which water finds its way through a maze with the utmost efficiency. It’s an animated simulation, so Steve Mould (previously at Neatorama) felt challenged to recreate it in the real world, just to see if he could do it.

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Water in a maze presents some interesting ideas. Trapped air in a maze will force the water to work more efficiently (and only if you can make your maze airtight), but surface tension will force it to work less efficiently. Mould made several different sizes of mazes to see how the different factors changed the overall scheme of the fluid dynamics involved.   

As a bonus, you’ll also learn the basics of making your own maze, which is interesting even if you never consider trying it. This video is only a bit more than seven minutes- the rest is for the sponsor. -via Metafilter

Source: neatorama

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