Water from the Tap

In the past few days, reddit has seen a slew of images posted of meals from various institutions in an attempt to one-up each other either as to how wonderful they are (school lunches in Asian countries) or how awful they are (US military meals). Redditor blackthorn3111 appears to have taken the prize when he posted this pitcher picture with the title “I see your dinner and raise you a jug of water from the tap on USS Nimitz.”

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This seems a bit alarming, as the USS Nimitz is a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier. But there’s a perfectly logical explanation. Redditor nanan00’s comment rose to the top.  

Someone put a bottle of fluorescent dye for leak detection in the water.

This stuff is safe to drink but will make you pee neon green for a day or two… We use it for hydro testing pressure vessels and I have seen it used to test water lines.

That changed everything. Suddenly everyone wants a drink. There are plenty of resources on the web for fluorescent dye for leak detection, but if you plan to dye your water, you better make sure it is formulated for drinking water systems instead of, say, automotive or industrial use.

Source: neatorama

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