‘Watermelon Bread’ Has Creative Bakers Turning Loaves of Bread into Tasty Fruit

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Watermelon Bread Food Trend Japan

Photo: Jo Cooks

When is a watermelon not a watermelon? When it’s a loaf of bread! One food trend has people disguising an otherwise normal baked good as a tasty juicy fruit that’s complete with rinds and seeds. Known appropriately as watermelon bread, it first caught on at Jimmy’s Bakery in Jiahosi, Taiwan. It quickly inspired a trend, and other iterations of these unique loaves started popping up around the world.

One of the most charming characteristics of watermelon bread is its dedication to the fruit illusion. The crust is green, and in some recipes, has the dark swirling pattern that’s typically seen on the rind. Once you slice the loaf, it’s as if you’re cutting into the watermelon itself. The pinkish-red insides are complete with dark “seeds” made of either raisins or dyed dough. For the rind and flesh, the traditional approach to coloring includes green tea and strawberries. (But if that’s too time consuming, other people go for red and green food coloring.)

Check out some of the mouthwatering creations below—along with a video tutorial of a watermelon bread recipe.

The food trend called watermelon bread reimagines your ordinary loaf of bread as a tasty fruit.

Watermelon Bread Recipe

Photo: Jo Cooks

Watermelon Bread Recipe

Photo: @cmeddiary

Watermelon Bread

Photo: @cherchicky

Watermelon Bread

Photo: Fanhcy

Watermelon Bread Recipe

Watermelon bread before it goes into the oven.
Photo: David Chang

Watermelon Bread Recipe

The owner of Jimmy’s Bakery holding slices of his watermelon bread masterpieces.
Photo: David Chang

Learn how to make your own tasty treats with this watermelon bread rcipes:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIeYYaHq8iE]

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