"We Didn't Start the Fire," Updated for 2023

Billy Joel released the song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” in the fall of 1989. It was a list of 118 newsworthy events that happened between 1949 and 1989, set to music. Joel himself didn’t think much of the tune, but the song went to #1, and was quite meaningful to his fellow Baby Boomers.

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Today, we have a new version that’s almost like a sequel. Fall Out Boy released a cover of the song with lyrics that list things that happened between 1989 and 2023. There’s a lot of them. The song has received mixed reviews so far. Some people love it because it contains what Millennials have experienced. Others criticized the song because the events aren’t at all in chronological order, and some major things were omitted, like the Covid-19 pandemic and the fall of the Soviet Union. The lyrics are in the music video, and also listed at the YouTube page.  -via Digg

Source: neatorama

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