We Find the Statue Guilty as Charged

We’ve heard stories of animals being put on trial, and at least once there was a dead body hauled into court, but now here’s a tale of a statue that was prosecuted.

When the ancient Greek Olympic athlete Theagenes died, a bronze statue was made in his likeness. Another athlete had the habit of kicking the statue, until it fell over on him and killed him. The statue itself was put on trial, because someone had to take the fall, so to speak, for the athlete’s death. But that wasn’t the only time a statue was out on trial. During the Protestant Reformation, a Catholic statue of the Virgin Mary was put on trial in Riga, Latvia, for witchcraft! In that case, the statue’s guilt was determined by the old “throw her in the water and see if she sinks” method.

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Source: neatorama

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