“We Have Two Rooms Available”: Woman Is Confused After Fiancé Refuses To Let Her Family Move In For A While, Even Though She Helped His Family Years Ago

Maintaining a strong and healthy relationship takes a lot of work. Especially when life throws some challenges to test it along the way. However, these tough times show how committed people really are to each other. Having this in mind, Reddit user @62vdo2nns addressed people online by asking them if she was right for asking her fiancé to keep his word and help her mother in times of need. The story received almost 18k upvotes and sparked a discussion with 1.3k comments.

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Caring for your significant other’s family can be seen as a sign of a strong and serious relationship

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The user started her story by stating that 3 years ago, her fiancé’s mother needed a place to stay as she was not on good terms with her boyfriend. At that time, the user and her fiancé lived in a 2-bedroom apartment. One of these rooms was made into an office for the woman because she worked from home. Despite the fact that there wasn’t a lot of space and the woman had to give up her “office” space for this, she agreed to help because her fiancé assured her that “When the day comes, you know I would do the same for you if your family ever needed it.”

A concerned user online asked if she was wrong for asking her fiancé to let her family live with them for a while

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The user shared a situation that occurred 3 years ago when her fiancé’s mother asked to move in with them and the woman agreed

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The original poster also added that the place where her fiancé’s mother lived was actually hers and so the user didn’t quite understand why she wanted to move in with them anyway. After a few months of living with them and not helping at all in the apartment, the mother left for her boyfriend.

The woman continued her story by telling that after some time, they moved into a bigger house with 4 bedrooms as they were hoping to expand their family. One day, the user found out that her mother and her two siblings lost the place they lived in due to foreclosure. Having in mind that they had 2 empty rooms and that her fiancé had promised to help in similar situations, the woman asked him if her family could live with them for a bit.

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The man replied that he doesn’t feel comfortable knowing that her family will live with them for a while. This is when the woman reminded him of the things he said a few years ago. However, the fiancé still didn’t agree as he didn’t want “two teenagers running the house.” The woman asked people online whether she is wrong for pushing him to do something he is not comfortable with.

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Now the user feels that her fiancé didn’t keep his promise to show the same kindness that she showed when his mother was in a though situation

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Image credits: 62vdo2nns

People in the comments section were agreeing with the user that it is about time he stuck to his word. A lot of users also noticed that this shouldn’t be something the couple should be arguing about because it involves family and the right thing to do is to help them as much as possible. Some users even shared their own experiences, questioning whether this couple should even stay together.

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People online all agreed that this is not how her fiancé should’ve reacted

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