Wearable Design for Emergencies: Avon Protection's Compact Escape Hood

Avon Protection manufactures protective gear like gas masks, respirators and ballistic helmets for first responders and the military. Those objects are typically donned by people who know they’re heading into harm’s way. But Avon also makes this intriguing object, the CH15 Compact CBRN Escape Hood, for typically unmasked folks who unexpectedly find themselves in an emergency.

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The CH15 folds down to a compact shape, designed “for discreet stowage.” It pops open and unfolds into a full head covering that can be donned in under ten seconds, fits over eyeglasses, features a neck seal to deal with beards, and is “capable of fitting all adult wearers.”

As for the “CBRN” in the name:

“The CH15 Escape Hood is a revolutionary, ultra-thin, single size respiratory escape device that provides a minimum of 15 minutes of respiratory, vision and facial protection against Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear threats.”

The company says it’s designed for “specialist users and protective detail.” I’m guessing this is the kind of thing the Secret Service carries around and can quickly pop on, and surely they’ve got spares that they can pop onto the President and other politicians in a jiffy.

Source: core77

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