Weird Supreme Court Shenanigans Worthy of a Soap Opera

Through most of the history of the United States, the Supreme Court has kept a low profile compared to the other branches of the federal government. With lifetime appointments, the justices do not have to make a public spectacle of themselves to be re-elected, nor do they have to please constituents. The individual justices can be as private as they want. If you look into their backgrounds, you may find some reasons they wanted to stay private. After all, Supreme Court Justices are people just like the rest of us, with all the messiness that comes with that.

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One justice actually went to prison while he was on the Supreme Court. Another had a nervous breakdown over a case. Two justices actually dated each other, although that was long before they served together on the court. One was almost framed for drug possession while another was targeted for murder. Read five stories of weird happenings involving Supreme Court Justices from history at Cracked.

Source: neatorama

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