Weird Ways to Die, for Kings and Queens

It’s not always great to be the king. Sure, you have wealth and power, but it comes at a cost. When you look at the many kings and queens in history, they may have had cushy lives compared to their subjects, but they also had to contend with people who were jealous of what they had, or hated them for what they did. Many were killed by enemy kingdoms, citizen uprisings, or those who had a way to take the crown themselves. It was a lucky monarch who died simply from the lack of modern medical knowledge. But in a few royal deaths, the monarch’s status actually impeded medical care, as when one young ruler could have been saved by an amputation to stop infection, but his surgeons were each afraid to take responsibility in case something went wrong. And then there are those whose deaths were so weird, they came to be legends. Some of them might even be true!   

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Source: neatorama

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