Welcome Home Must-Have’s for National Puppy Day

Welcome Home Must-Have’s for National Puppy Day

Today may possibly be the happiest (and cutest) national day in the world – it’s National Puppy Day! Being a new pet parent can be overwhelming, I’ve been there… So if you’re welcoming home a new puppy, or just looking to spoil your current one, here are 7 essential items to cover all your bases. After all, their happiness is your happiness! Plus, they’re all tested and approved by #dogintern, Koda, and trust me, she’s a picky one.

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Brown dog in grey/blue Newton Baby Pet Bed

A warm and comfy bed

Did you know that puppies sleep for about 18 hours a day? All that rest is when their brain, body, and immune system are doing the most developing, so it’s no surprise that a comfy bed is the #1 thing they’ll be needing. Unlike most foam beds that trap heat, Koda especially loves Newton Baby’s Pet Bed, which features the same Wovenaire technology as their award-winning mattress. Koda’s an Aussie-mix with two fur coats, so she really appreciates a bed that keeps her comfy without getting her too warm! It’s designed to be 100% breathable, washable, and better sleep for your pup. (Extra emphasis on ‘washable’ because we all know accidents are prone to happen with new puppies.) For puppies that paw – not to worry because the bed cover is also scratch-resistant!

small medium and large/xlarge pet beds from Newton Baby

Black dog eating kibble from black bowl on a black placemat from Wild One Pet

Aesthetic bowls that blend seamlessly into your home

Timeless, simple, and made of food-grade stainless steel that’s dishwasher safe, Wild One’s bowls are perfect for mealtimes. The nonslip silicone base keeps the bowls from moving around, but if you want to go one step further, they also have matching silicone placemats to catch any spillage! With a messy drinker like Koda, the placemat is a lifesaver. It keeps my floors clean and dry, and it’s so easy to wipe down. Available in 2 sizes, with the option of neutrals (Black or Tan) or a pop of color (Lilac or their seasonal addition, Spruce)!

Black/grey small dog with a brown harness connected to a brown leash attached to human's waist with a pouch also attached

Walk-essentials: leash, collar, and on-the-go pouch

With all that puppy energy, long walks are a great way to tire them out. Maxbone’s GO! With Ease Hands Free Leash is perfect for us hoomans because 1) the leash distance is adjustable and 2) it can be worn around the waist or shoulder, making it one less thing to worry about while you’re training your puppy to heel. It can still be used as a regular leash if you don’t want to go hands-free, but I love the fact that it’s versatile to however YOU want to use it! Pair it with the matching Signature Collar + the GO! With Ease Pouch, and you two will be the most stylish duo on the block. Call me extra, but the Pouch is such an easy way to elevate your walking game since it can be attached to the leash. (Step aside, Lululemon Fanny Pack!) Load it up with your phone, credit cards, keys, and poop bags, and you’re good to go!

hand holding Dandylion No Rinse Foaming Cleanser and pumping foam onto dirty paws

Clean paws for a clean pup and a clean home

It’s hard to avoid your puppy tracking in dirt and germs from outside, but at least Dandylion makes it easy to clean! Their Clean Paws No-Rinse Foaming Cleanser has become my second best friend as it instantly washes Koda’s paws without the need to rinse. The foamy formulation and soft silicone bristles allow for a gentle deep cleanse with plant-based ingredients that soothe, nourish, and provide anti-microbial benefits! Just simply remove the cap, pump out some foam, and gently massage into those hard-to-reach areas. Wipe dry and your puppy’s ready to roam free again. I love that they have a refill bottle so that when you’re through with the bottle, you can reuse your pump to stay eco-friendly!

Dandy Pet Wellness Care supplements showcasing four supplements (Immunity Blend, Shine Boost, Supergreens, and Balance)

A healthy pup is a happy pup

A daily routine extended to your puppy – personalized supplements for dogs have become a thing. Vet-formulated and pet-approved, Dandy has supplements that you can customize from scratch or simply choose pre-made packs to eliminate any guesswork. They also have a short quiz you can take, which gives you a vet recommendation based on your pup’s unique needs! For me, it’s been an uphill battle with Koda’s allergies, so I appreciate that their vet-formulated packs are a quick and easy no-brainer for me. They’re even available at some retailers so we never have to worry about going a day without them. Depending on your pup, choose from Allergy, Anxiety, or Wellness Care to target their concerns. (They also have Joint Care for anyone with older dogs!)

Fable Pet's enrichment toys (The Game and the Twin Falcon) in green

Fun and games turned into mental enrichment

As mentioned before, this short puppy period is full of development. Physical fun and exercise help their little bodies develop, while mental challenges help grow their brains. Fable’s Enrichment Set includes The Game and 2 Falcon Toys, which allow for interactive or independent play. Their Twin Falcon Toy is also a great option if you’re looking for a two-in-one. Enrichment isn’t just limited to mealtime; the open cavities on the Falcons can be stuffed with spreads like peanut butter, but don’t worry about the mess – the toys are top rack dishwasher safe! (Just try to skip the heated dry cycle.) Koda’s a huge lover of peanut butter and non-fat Greek yogurt, so she always knows what time it is when I bring out her Twin Falcon!

Brown dog staring at peanut butter on a green Twin Falcon Toy from Fable Pet

Background shows a dog licking his nose and eager to play, staring at (forefront) blue ball from Fable Pet

Durable, non-toxic, and easy to clean, Fable’s Signature Balls are an upgrade from your typical tennis ball. They aren’t just for a good chase, they’re also great for mental stimulation! The two openings minimize choking risk, but you can also fill it up with spreads to keep your pup busy. Hand wash with soap and water, and they’re good as new.

Brown dog eating a bone marrow bone from Winnie Lou on the grass

Indulge them with their favorite word: treats

<whether they’re training, needing a mid-day snack, or simply getting a treat for being so darn cute, Winnie Lou – The Canine Co has all the things to satisfy your pup’s tastebuds! They started as a food truck and treat company for dogs, and they’ve easily become our favorite because of their locally and sustainably sourced ingredients. Since Koda has so many allergies, we love that their treats are made with single or minimal ingredients. With a variety of options, their treats will have your pup rolling over too! They also offer bone marrow bones, which are a much healthier alternative to rawhide (yuck!). Best for when they’re about 6 months old, or when they have their adult set of teeth, these long-lasting and tasty treats (so I’ve been told) will keep your pup occupied and happy for hours.
It’s also nice to mention that Winnie Lou gives back to the dog community by donating some of their proceeds to local rescues each quarter. Koda herself was a rescue, so brownie points there!

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Maivy Tran is a California native and if she’s not brainstorming narratives or curating content, she’s probably at the dog park with her pup Koda. See the BTS of her life over on Instagram.

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