Welcome To “Learn Useless Talents” Online Group That Posts Random Tricks That Have Absolutely No Use, Except Looking Cool (61 Pics)

When we think about talents, we often imagine something cool, valuable and impressive. From painting to playing an instrument, these abilities immediately bring us into the spotlight and make us a teeny tiny bit better than anyone born without them.

But this online group celebrates exactly the opposite of that. Welcome to the “Learn Useless Talents” subreddit, a miscellaneous home to 694k members who share not just talents, but the most useless ones of all.

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“This is a place to learn how to do cool things that have no use other than killing time and impressing strangers,” the group’s description reads, so I leave the stage to some of the best (and most useless!) posts posted here.

#1 How To Gird Up Your Loins When The Wedding Party Is Over

Image credits: PM_ME_YOUR_INDOMIE

#2 Well, Then

Image credits: lol_and_behold

#3 How To Make A Grim Reaper Puppet Using Your Sleeve And Hand

Image credits: VengarTheRedditor

#4 How To Shake Ankles

Image credits: gridzbispudvetch

#5 How To Float

Image credits: Omith12

#6 How To Split A Donut

Image credits: Rasrockey19

#7 How To Make A Pants Backpack

Image credits: XenobiaXD

#8 How To Make A Shadow Turtle

Image credits: 1Blackleaf

#9 How To Make An Amazing Sofa Fort

Listen beautiful relax classics on our Youtube channel.

Image credits: ElMasChingon-JoshEMC

#10 Become The Master Of Shadows With These Simple Steps (Plus Its A Cool Title For Your Resume)

Image credits: BouquetOfDogs

#11 The Names Of Types Of Camera Movements

Image credits: BACON_BATTLE

#12 Ima Do This

Image credits: MyManOwen

#13 How To Make A Shower For A Small Bird

Image credits: Penguin_Pantaloons

#14 How To Make A Stapler Mandala

Image credits: aloofloofah

#15 How To Make A Quick Escape

Image credits: Ktr0x

#16 Owlpple

Image credits: longlivethedodo

#17 How To Beatbox

Image credits: Leonlg

#18 How To Fold A Napkin To Fit Three Pieces Of Silverware

Image credits: Puppyshiz

#19 The Gentlemans Guide To Amputation

Image credits: PillowDan

#20 Does Learning Strange Spoken Language Rules Count?

Image credits: FareonMoist

#21 You Can Unfold Kinder Egg Pods Into Desktop Catapults

Image credits: AnthonyDawnwalker

#22 How To Properly Peal A Post-It Note From The Stack

Image credits: Real_Floop

#23 How To Draw A Boy From The Word “Boy”

Image credits: Mamnmal

#24 Learn How To Draw A Sheep

Image credits: hufflestork

#25 How To Slice A Bagel Into Two Congruent, Linked Halves

Image credits: aloofloofah

#26 How To Create Glyphs

Image credits: Anacanrock11

#27 How To Make Your Lipstick Last Through Eating

Image credits: 1Voice1Life

#28 How To Find Waldo. (Cross-Post R/Interestingasfuck)

Image credits: ridicuhsweet

#29 Make Paper Boat Out Of Toilet Paper Roll

Image credits: superboyk

#30 How To Survive Being Buried Alive

Image credits: tigantango

#31 How To Casually Get In Water As A Big Man

Image credits: Dwn_Wth_Vwls

#32 How To Be A Table

Image credits: ambertino

#33 How To Loudly Whistle With Four Fingers In Your Mouth

Image credits: thetinymoo

#34 How To Fold A Plastic Bag Properly. Not Just Scrunch It Up Into A Ball

Image credits: Oceanlyric

#35 Watermelon Packing

Image credits: aloofloofah

#36 How To Solve A Rubik’s Cube

Image credits: theaxeman21

#37 Nato Phonetic Alphabet

Image credits: reddit.com

#38 How To Look Behind You (Without Looking Behind You)

Image credits: LIS1050010

#39 It Seems Useless Until You Need It

Image credits: cammoblammo

#40 How To Cut An Apple With Your Finger

Image credits: OxycleanBoi

#41 Staircase Terminology

Image credits: SkepticalMoose

#42 How To Bounce A Dinner Roll

Image credits: slayrslay

#43 How To Be Mildly Successful At Rope Ladder Carnival Games

Image credits: BlueJabs

#44 How A Bar Code Supposedly Works

Image credits: NigelSamuel

#45 Surviving A Drop Off A Waterfall

Image credits: jamesorlando55

#46 How To Tell Someone Off

#47 How To Turn Your Cat Into A Bunny

Image credits: Minifig81

#48 Double Knot Shoelace Method

Image credits: Monic_maker

#49 How To Tell The Different Types Of Watch Hands And What To Call Them

Image credits: HighInTheSkyOhMy

#50 How To Tell Apart Various Language Writings

Image credits: lalala253

#51 How To Read Korean In 15 Minutes

Image credits: Real_Floop

#52 Identifying Different Types Of Lamps

Image credits: JackApollo

#53 Cook Water

Image credits: reddit

#54 Make A Huge Splash

Image credits: r3dl3mon

#55 How To Commit Seppuku!

Image credits: JediMindTrick188

#56 How To Make A Baseball Cap Lincoln From A Five Dollar Bill

Image credits: EpicAriX

#57 How To Fit A Round Peg In A Square Hole

Image credits: aloofloofah

#58 Crossing Piranha-Infested Water

Image credits: VioletWinters

#59 How To Crack An Egg With One Hand

Image credits: jja_02

#60 How To Do That Cardspin

Image credits: OberstFlunder

#61 Omg I Think Ima Do This

Image credits: sorryforthata

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