Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours: A guide from the pre-photography age

Before the modern age of photography, there were other, more complicated methods of classifying colors. Werner’s Nomenclature of Colours was regarded as a definitive guide to color for artists, designers, scientists, and anthropologists alike in the 19th Century. The book was handwritten and heavily annotated with precise details about various hues and shades. Beside each color is an example of where it can be found.

This methods was created by German mineralogist Abraham Gottlob Werner near the end of the 18th-century. It is said that even Charles Darwin used the guide while journeying to Madeira, Canary, and Cape Verde islands.

The book has been republished by Smithsonian Books in a smaller, pocket-sized form factor and is slated for released on February 6th, 2018. It can be purchased here.


Source: designfaves.com

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