What Are Car Washes Really Doing To Your Car?

Automatic car washes are an experience and a convenience. There are certainly cases where you can hire somebody to wash your car for you, or drive them straight to a machine that will quickly and easily clean your vehicle without any hassle. 

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Many people tend to lean towards these services as manually washing these big devices can be a chore, and be quite time-consuming. Additionally, not everyone has enough space where they can happily splash away their car’s grime and dirt. 

While convenience can be offered by these automatic car washes, it still begs the question: are they really good for your car in the long run? Well, Slash Gear has looked up the potential side effects of frequently running a vehicle into any of these establishments. 

One of the most notable things is that these services can break up the paint in your car. This is because the machines will slap and have contact with the car’s paint. Also, automatic car washes tend to increase friction while removing dirt, so what happens is they tend to cause scratches and swirl marks. 

Car Magazine UK also shared that the big rotating brushes you can see inside are usually poorly maintained and can cause cross-contamination of dirt from other cars, which can lead to car paint becoming dull. 

Image credit: Pixabay 

Source: neatorama

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