“What Are Some Unwritten Rules Of Life?” (96 Answers)

Some rules exist because they had to be implemented. Like the speed limit or legal drinking age. Meanwhile, some rules have backfired big time and made the people who implemented them regret their decision. Check out our previous post about such instances right here.

But there are rules that need no introduction. They’re not documented in books nor authorized by law, and still, they govern our daily lives. This simple “common sense” is also known as “unwritten rules” and they refer to common behavioral constraints we all take for granted.

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Things like not swiping sideways if someone shows a picture on their phone, or never making fun of someone else’s laugh. Sounds random, but people swear by it! Scroll down below for more unspoken rules listed by people online.


Never ever make fun of someone who is overweight at the gym.

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You having a bad day doesn’t mean that you have to ruin other people’s day.

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When I show you a singular picture on my phone, don’t ever try to swipe left or right.

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Always let people out before walking in. This applies to elevators, trains, or anything similar.

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Be the person your dog thinks you are.

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If someone comes up to you that you don’t know starts loudly talking about being your friend you play along

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If you’re wrong, admit it.

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Maintain personal hygiene regularly

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If someone is giving you a ride, be ready before the person arrives to pick you up.

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Pay people back before they have to ask you to.

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Be patient with the elderly unless they’re being [jerks]

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We don’t fight at weddings.

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Don’t play your music out loud when in public.

For example: While walking down the street or sitting on a bus one should not be blasting music on their personal device. Buy a pair of damn headphones.

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Don’t bother someone with headphones in unless it’s important. They have headphones in for a reason.

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Chew with your mouth closed.

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Don’t [frigging] cheat on your SO. It’s not cool. If you wanna f**k someone else, break up with your SO first instead of being a secretive c**t.

Happens way too often.

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Don’t wear white to a wedding, and don’t propose at someone’s wedding. I’m sure this sucks to hear, but that is not your day. Don’t be a d*ck.

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Life isn’t fair and thank goodness – imagine the horror of knowing that every bad thing that happened to you happened because you deserved it.


Common sense ain’t that common, so explain things in the simplest manner you possibly can.

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If you’re walking side by side on a sidewalk and someone comes towards you, f**king make room.


For women: always have an extra pad or tampon on you. You never know when another woman might desperately need it. You may not like her, but this is your one exception to be nice. We’ve all been there.

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If someone holds a door open for you, then please acknowledge them or say thank you. I’m not your servant.


If you borrow a friend’s car, fill up the tank when returning it as a thank you.

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Don’t touch me or stand so close to me that I can feel you breathing if I don’t know you!

Seems so simple, but so many people are disrespectful of personal space.


Dont hit on women when they’re at work. They’re not flirting, theyre just being nice, it’s their job.


If you can smell yourself it’s too late.


Always say please and thank you. Good to do it until it becomes second nature. Most people know this, but not everyone does it.


When driving and someone lets you into the traffic stream, be sure to do the “Thank You Wave.”


If a friend buys you a drink you don’t pay it back you just buy the next round

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Never ask a woman if she’s pregnant

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If you’re going to ask someone to help you move, please have all the boxes already packed and ready to go.

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Never say something to someone you love that you can’t recover from in the heat of an argument. You love that person for a reason.


We have an ABC mantra at work:

Assume nothing.

Believe nobody.

Check everything.


The first time visiting someone’s place you bring something. Anything. Bottle of wine, six-pack, food, origami penguin. Something.


After applying restraints to objects in the flatbed of a truck, saying “Yep, that’s not goin’ anywhere” is an absolute necessity.

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If someone clearly doesn’t want to talk to you or needs to be somewhere else, let them be.

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Leave it better than you found it.

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For the love of God, just return the shopping cart when you’re done with it


Cover your mouth when you cough with your elbow, not your hands that you will then touch a bunch of stuff with. Applies to sneezes as well. In general, just keep your gross bodily fluid to yourself unless clearly requested to share.

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Don’t make it a problem and it won’t be one.

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If a street performer makes you stop walking, you owe him a buck.


Always tell a girl if she’s bled through on her period.


If a bro [passes away] while lifting, put more weight on the bar, then call 911


When you’re finished in the bathroom: Don’t shut the door fully! I don’t want to be waiting to use the bathroom for ages because it appears it’s occupied even though it isn’t.


Call when it’s urgent, text when it’s not. respond to emails even with an “ok”.


Don’t point out things about someone if they can’t change it in the span of the next 5 minutes.

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Don’t go up to a cashier while talking on your mobile and expect to be served


If a restaurant has a nearly empty parking lot at what should be a busy time, eat somewhere else.


Let the tallest person sit in the passenger seat of the car.


Especially to your kids, don’t make promises you can’t keep. Also, don’t ever threaten to do something you can’t or won’t follow up on.


Smile at babies. Babies constantly look at their surroundings- especially faces- to learn if they’re in a safe place. If you’re smiling, babies feel at ease and grow up healthier and happier. If you don’t, they’re more likely to feel unsafe….and cry…


Do not, in any way, be that guy

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Don’t touch a disabled person’s mobility aids without being specifically asked to do so by the person. Wheelchair, scooter, cane, dog, walker, whatever they are using don’t touch it unless they ASK you to. View it as a stranger trying to touch your legs, do you want rando to pick up your leg? Move your leg? Pet your leg? Probably not.


When someone gets banged up and is clearly in pain, just shut up for a minute or two and let him do a proper systems diagnosis. Only then should you ask if he’s okay.


Don’t buy a cheap bed or a cheap pair of shoes. You’ll spend most of your life in one or the other.


Ask the person if they are at the back of the line before you join it.


Always start with the question “how might I be wrong?”

Everyone can figure out a reason to believe they’re correct, but if you look for reasons you are wrong first you will make fewer horrific assertions and mistakes.

“How might I be wrong” is the core question of science and the start of all wisdom.


Clean up after yourself.


If you come across someone with your same shirt/outfit it’s mandatory to salute or hi-five


When you get up from your office chair, push it the f**k back in


If you’re in someone else’s home/car/yard- Anything of someone else’s, ASK before you do something. No, I don’t want you smoking in my car. I don’t want you feeding my dog food from the table. Just stop.


When hugging as a greeting or goodbye, two pats.

When hugging as a genuine, intimate embrace, three pats.

One is rude, four is just weird


If there’s one beer left in your friend’s fridge and it’s not yours, you don’t take it. You leave it for him. Unless he offers it to you, in which case it becomes fair game. As a person addendum though: If you are the friend that DOES take the last beer without asking, then you owe that friend a case of beer. But that’s my own rule, which you can use as your own.


When letting cars into traffic, you let one then you go, just keep alternating.


Never, ever make eye contact whilst eating a banana.


When someone enters the bathroom sniffle or cough to let them know you are in there


We all have to be tough when sometimes the spider does scare you


Never refuse when someone offers you a breath mint


Nod up for an acquaintance, nod down for a stranger.


If you have to get up for a beer, you must ask if anyone else needs one.


If someone helps you move you help them move, no excuses.


Don’t speed up when someone is passing you.


I don’t care how hungry you are, if a restaurant is about to close, don’t order food.


Don’t touch another person’s hair just because you think it’s pretty.


If possible, every other urinal.


If your eyes meet another guys on the bus or train you have less than a second to look away


If you happen to be walking behind a woman and you two are alone, go to a different route/street or let her go far ahead.


If two people bump into each other if nobody says anything that’s fine

If one says sorry you are a [jerk]

If you both say sorry then no-ones a [jerk]


The window seat gets an armrest and a wall, the middle seat gets two arm rests, and the aisle seat gets an arm rest and a little extra leg room. We’re not savages, we live in a society.


Automatic high fives. The hand goes up, the temptation is unbearable


If a bro is like, really upset about something, just crushed because of family s**t, or women, or work, or whatever, said bro is required to request one of his other bros to come over/go to the bar. It’s 2019, bro’s no longer let bros be bummed out alone. We talk it out now.


It’s ok to abandon your friends on a night out if you’re getting laid


Stand to the right on escalators


Always wipe til white.


True love is real……but there is no “ONE”


Never park in front of a bar


There are plenty of ways to enter a pool. The stairs is not one of them.


When at a stop sign and you are in the passenger seat, you lean back so the driver can see past you and if the way is clear. Girls seem to need to be told, but guys just seem to do it automatically.


Never “borrow” your roommate’s underwear when all yours are waiting to be washed but you haven’t bothered to do laundry.


If bro #1 is attempting to woo someone they are attracted to, bro #2 is to at minimum not interfere, unless there is an emergency situation, which includes (but is not limited to):

The death/serious injury or illness of a family member or close friend of bro#1

A member of the bro group is about to have imminent trouble with law enforcement or venue security

Bro #2 having prior knowledge of the person of affection being crazy/not bro #1’s preferred gender identity/being too intoxicated or underage to consent

The venue is on fire/major earthquake (however bro #2 should make an attempt to reconnect bro #1 and the person of affection in the parking lot)


You don’t hold a door open for another guy. You push all the way out and then it’s on the other guy to catch it before it closes.


Don’t break the rules of traffic in an attempt to be courteous to other drivers. It often just makes situations more confusing and stressful than necessary. Just obeying the regular rules is far more appreciated.


Don’t look over in the urinals. Just don’t.


You must question your masculinity or purchasing habits if you can’t bring all the bags in from the car in one trip.

There are a few exceptions to this rule:

If it didn’t fit in the main part of the cart it doesn’t count as an extra trip.

Things like large bags of pet food, large bags of rice, packages of water bottles (just buy resusable ones), get a pass. Basically if it took two hands to get it in the cart and doesn’t fit in a bag you are clear.

If you have to use a flat cart in the store you get a pass.

Fragile items get a pass.

If you had to put down your seats or couldn’t close the trunk you get a pass.

If you have luggage of more than one person (especially if you have kids or a female SO).

Multiple shopping stops may require multiple bag trips. You are still required to try and do it in as few trips as possible.

You are exempt if you have to carry a kid.


Unfortunately, not all guys follow this, but they all SHOULD: No talking in the bathroom!


It’s a cliche but don’t sleep with bro’s mom/sis
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