What Are The Benefits Of Stress Baking?

With most of us working or studying at home, we tend to find other hobbies to keep us distracted from the current situation. Many people have started baking bread, until it escalated as a major trend. Stress baking actually has a lot of benefits, so if you’ve seen your friends bake more treats that you imagined, know that it’s also mentally good for them: 

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That’s why channelling your focus on one thing, otherwise known as mindfulness, can be a necessary break for both your brain and body.

Harvard Medical School says mindfulness “teaches people to live each moment as it unfolds. The idea is to focus attention on what is happening in the present and accept it without judgment.” Allow yourself the time to bake without a deadline. Slowly measure each ingredient and notice its texture, colour and smell. You should make baking about the journey, not the destination.

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