“What Brand Name Is Actually 100% Worth Spending More For?” (83 Answers)

In a world largely governed by consumerism, it may be hard to discern what purchases are really worth your money, and which ones are just your impulses talking.

Just pause for a moment. This year, shoppers spent a record $9.12 billion on Black Friday and another record $11.3 billion on Cyber Monday, making it the biggest online shopping day in history. This almost irresistible urge to buy things is created by smart selling strategies that largely play on our fears of missing out (who doesn’t like a good deal now and then!).

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So how do we find rational ground in this buying craze? How do we measure what things we need and what we don’t, what’s worth our money and what’s not?

Well, this Ask Reddit thread may have some answers. “What brand name is actually 100% worth spending more for?” someone asked and people started sharing the splurges that, according to them, were totally worth their money.



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Pyrex glass cookware and food storage containers.

I’ve had cheaper things crack on me, lids break. But Pyrex lasts forever.

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I’m a frugal bastard but I swear by Dawn dish soap.

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“There’s a certain hack to buying well-known quality brands,” Lina Survila, the founder of Abstract Stylist magazine and creator of metaverse news newsletter The Wearables Daily told Bored Panda in an interview.

Lina argues that the brand name is not everything, “but if you’re a consumer who usually gets bored of your old clothing, it’s better to buy brands that other people love too.” In this case, Lina argues, after some time you will be able to easily sell the item.


Fiskars stuff: axes, shovels, hammers, but also scissors.

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Crayola. Rose Art crayons have haunted me since I was a child! Till the day I pass

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Moreover, “That would never work with fast fashion brands because worn-out pieces are usually in no condition to sell, and people do not want thrift for fast fashion brands, which they usually can buy with big discounts anyway,” Lina explained.

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In that way, Lina continued, “we help consume less and choose ethically made items that have value even after a few years of wearing.” She added that the same rule applies to anything you can think of from household brands to children’s toys, and even art.


Bra. I never had one fit me properly until I was fitted at Nordstrom and then handed a $60 bra with a size I didn’t know was even made and it fit like a glove and was comfortable AND it made my boobs look good.

Edit: Thank you to dimpletown for suggesting I edit this comment to add the brand, which is Natori, they make my 30DD “over the shoulder boulder holder”.

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In all honesty, tupperware.

My mom has some tupperware containers that are almost as old as me and they are still in good condition. It’s rare that I can find plastic containers that are even close in quality and durability.

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I don’t know what all the other brands and generics are doing, but I swear their cotton to stick ratio is always off. Too pokey or too soft. Can’t be just me…

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However, Lina agreed that not everyone can spend a lot of money on a new jacket. “But this cycle of conscious consumerism also lets people buy second-hand good quality items for a reasonable price,” she said. “So I would suggest doing your research on quality brands and mixing your wardrobe with new and second-hand items,” Lina concluded.


Toyota for anyone who drives their car into the ground. Maybe not so much if you lease.

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acme brand dynamite


I always pay the little extra for a Bic lighter over the cheap transparent ones. They rarely break and they’re more ergonomic.

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Philadelphia cream cheese!

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Don’t cheap out on appliances.

I got a Bosch set for my washer/dryer and so far they’ve outlasted 3 sets of my father-in-law’s LGs, Samsungs, and another one I don’t remember. People complain appliances don’t last as long as they used to, and while I don’t disagree, it’s often because they buy the cheap models.

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As a lefty, Zebra F-402 pens.

Fine point, no smear, no pressing hard to get a clean line. Since I discovered them I can’t go back to other ball point pens

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This will get downvoted but I bought my MacBook Pro in 2010 and it is still running fine. Before that I was going through toshiba and hp laptops every 2-3 years. In my case the MacBook has been the cheapest laptop I’ve ever had


Any paints. House paint, car, boat, trains and planes. Usually the higher the cost, the better the paint. Love Sherwin Williams “Emerald” products as house paint.

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KitchenAid stand mixer. I’ve had mine for over 10 years now, use it at least once a week and takes a beating during Christmas time and it still works like a charm.


Ziplock bags. F**k them store brands.

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According to my wife, Feminine products that aren’t name brand either don’t function well or are extremely uncomfortable. Having a more comfortable time during that part of the month is far superior to using uncomfortable products to make it twice as bad. (Her words, not mine.)

To add: I’m 33 and been with my wife since we were in high school. I’ve purchased a lot of these products myself, even when I was first dating her. It’s either being a paper or cardboard insert that is rough/uncomfortable or the cotton is just not safe and doesn’t stay together as it should (as a few have stated here as well). This is mostly from store or off brands at Fred Meyer (Kroger) as that’s where we’ve always shopped, or the occasional Safeway trip. We don’t have any Walmart or Costcos near us so we have no idea how their brands are.

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Pretty much anything made in America, Japan, or Germany is going to be better quality that all the Chinese c**p being sold on Amazon. Everything from kitchen knives to cars. Of course you’ll pay a premium since they aren’t made with slave labor.


Stanley stainless steel vacuum/thermos bottles. I have one that holds a 12-cup pot of coffee that I bought at a neighbor’s estate sale 30 years ago and it was probably 20 years old then. It still works exactly as promised.

I did have trouble cleaning the coffee crud out of the bottom of it until I saw a Heloise Hint on this: Fill it about 1/3 full of hot tap water and drop in about 4 denture-cleaning tablets and let it sit overnight. You wouldn’t believe how clean it is after that treatment!

Wow! I had no idea this would take off line this. Thank you! I thought you want to have a look at my old Stanley:

[Stanley Vacuum Bottle/thermos](https://imgur.com/gallery/38TZfG1)


Pilot G2 Pens


Vitamix blenders. I’ve had mine for years, and it still blends like it is brand new.

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Michelin high-performance tires – long-lasting tread, quiet, excellent traction.


Kerrygold salted butter

Edit: lol didn’t see this blowing up. Thanks for the upvotes and awards!


3M Post-It Notes.

Making an adhesive strong enough to stop the notes curling up at the edge and falling off, but weak enough that you can remove and replace them at will, seems to be outside the skill set of every other company.


Herman-miller. My chair from them saved my back over quarantine

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Miele vacuums

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Duluth Trading Company (especially for underwear). There was a half off sale a while back and I got enough that I never have to wear other brands.


Oxo. Kitchen utensils, housewares in general, their stuff is so intuitively made and well designed, and just looks great to boot. If they make a version of anything I need, I will always choose their brand over anyone else’s.


Any of the top Toilet papers. Don’t skimp on s**t tissue. Your butt will thank you.


Ticonderoga pencils >>>>

i’ll write a whole 10 page essay by hand with one of those babies


Not a brand but the golden rule for tools. Buy the cheap one first. If it breaks buy the expensive one. If the expensive one breaks buy a few of the cheap ones.


Reese cups.


Corelle ware. That s**t is damn near indestructible and bonus it’s been around for forever so you often find it super cheap at thrift shops.


A Swiss Army Knife. Use that baby everywhere.


For running shoes, go with the brands that are known for running. Saucony, Brooks, Asics, New Balance, I’m sure some would name others. Each maker will have a shoe suited to your feet and running style.

Name brands that happen to have running shoes – Nike, Adidas, Reebok – are a bit more of a crapshoot. They might be good, but dollar for dollar still won’t beat the above, especially for durability.

If you hate running, your legs, and yourself, by all means get some off brand from Payless.


Zippo lighters

Amazing quality. Lifetime guarantee with a no questions asked repair or replacement policy. You can find a broken one randomly on the street, mail it to them and they will repair or replace it.

A zippo lighter will last generations.

For anyone interested but doesn’t like using lighter fluid. Zippo now makes inserts for both butane and electric arc lighters.



Smart food white cheddar popcorn


Burts bees


Anything that seperates you from the ground. Tires, Mattress, shoes etc

Edit: words are hard


As a teacher, Expo whiteboard markers


Coca-Cola. Unbranded coke is just meh.


Le Creuset Dutch oven.

Looks, performance, durability – should last you a lifetime if you look after it.


Yeti. Friend’s brother is a firefighter and was called to put out a car fire. After it was extinguished, they found a Yeti with ice water still in it in the cup holder.


Corelle dishware. It’s sleek, durable and lightweight.

It’s basically the kevlar of dishes


Redwing work boots. I only buy their upper-level boots and have never regretted the purchase. I started with other brands and once I hit Redwings I was done.


For cars, Toyota or Honda. They just last forever and maintenance on them (atleast my 07 Yota) is super easy and cheap compared to other brands. I’m assuming the new ones are still like that.

I also have to add in the Citizen brand for watches. While citizen makes all sorts of thing (pretty damn good Swiss style lathes I might add) their watches are seriously top notch for the price. Most are Eco-drives powered by sunlight and an atomic version of their watches start at like $500. You can find certain eco drives for $100 on Amazon. I own a few of their watches, one being 10 years old. Have never had to reset the time on it (it’s perpetual) and still holds time perfectly. Paid $180 for it.



Because hotwheels


North Face products are usually worth the price. The jackets and fleeces are durable and have great insulation.


Carhartt socks. I am super picky about my socks. If they’re too tight, my feet sweat and get cold. If too loose, they bunch up in my shoes as I walk. Too thin and they’re useless in winter. Too thick and they are too tight when I’m wearing shoes.

Carhartt produces several socks that are perfect, especially for winter. Loose enough to let my feet breathe, not too thick to feel uncomfortable in my shoes, and no bunching as I walk.


Zojirushi rice cooker


Patagonia, hands down. Their items are made to last a lifetime and are quality

I also really like PACT. They carry various clothing items made from organic cotton that are super comfortable and well worth spending more for. Rec the underwear and socks


Anker cables. They’re super resilient and they just work. Plus they’ve got a lifetime warranty. I’ve personally called them about a cable that stopped working and they sent me a free replacement.


Knipex hand tools
Milwaukee power tools


High-end outdoors gear – Arc’teryx, Patagonia, etc. Sometimes that extra bit of insulation or reduced weight can mean the difference between life and death.


Kettle chips


Makita, never let me down


Charmin Ultra Soft

Edit: obligatory thank you to the kind stranger who gave this comment gold! Never knew people were as passionate about their TP brand as they are about the over/under debate (the correct answer is over).


My silly Dyson hairdryer. That thing is amazing.




Vernors, the original ginger ale. It’s not available everywhere so I pay a premium when I find it. The other brands are way too sweet.


Birkenstock sandals


Spotify premium. Almost all the music I need, all in 1 place across all devices.

Best subscription easily.


Gonna be an obscure choice, but GoPro. I’ve been racing stock cars for five years; some of my cameras have survived violent crashes or being pelted by debris at excessive speeds. Not only have the cameras taken a beating but the clamps/mounts used to secure the camera to the outside of the car have never failed. The cameras work as good today as they did when I first bought them even though they are beat to s**t.

Anyone who has bought onboard cams from cheaper brands almost unanimously report s**t battery life or the camera failing after a minor crash. Im convinced these things could survive nuclear war.


Olaplex. I use the shampoo and conditioner. It expensive but I don’t use it everyday. It’s one of the very few expensive hair care brands that I honestly think is worth the money.


Yorkshire Tea.

Yorkshire Gold are the best teabags, and all the other teabags can f**k off.


When it comes to headphones, ol’ mate Senny (Sennheiser) is a strong contender. A $50 pair of cans I bought from them sounds like a $120 pair of cans and last just as long. The further up the price rungs you go, the less total dominance they have, but they’re still very good.


As far as outdoorsy stuff and tools:

Benchmade knives, Sea to Summit sleeping bags, Hyperlite tents and packs, Merrell boots, Estwing tools, Leatherman multi-tools

Check out /r/BuyItForLife, lots of good stuff on there

Edit: Some friendly debate on the Merrell brand, I’m just gonna give my 2 cents. Mine were some boots from 2015 so they could have gone down in quality, I have no clue. My first pair lasted from Georgia to almost the end of Virginia but I was doing near 15-20+ mile days depending on the terrain. [They saw over 500mi/800km](https://imgur.com/a/1N3iPqi)

There’s a ton of great boots out there though. Shop around!


Bounty paper towels

Edit: my highest upvoted comment is about…..paper towels? WTF Reddit


Oreo, anything else is such a terrible wannabe.


Bosch appliances


Not necessarily a brand name, but buying nice shampoo/conditioner instead of drug store ones can make a big difference, especially for people of color or with generally thicker hair. My hair is actually so much healthier, less frizzy, and looks so much better with nicer products. The difference was amazing.


Veronica Foods certified and tested Extra Virgin Olive oils and vinegars. There is SO much fraud when it comes to olive oil, it’s actually sickening. I will always spend the money for real first press, cold pressed olive oil. A lot of “olive oils” sold in grocery stores are made with canola, soybean or vegetable oil with MAAAYBE 3% EVOO if you’re lucky. Sometimes even nut and seed oils which has caused people to go into anaphylactic shock. But because there is no regulation in the US when it comes to olive oil, they can literally label it whatever they want such as “FIRST PRESS! COLD PRESSED! EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL MADE IN ITALY!!” When it’s actually pressed multiple times with heat and chemicals in another country, shipped to Italy where they will mix it with a different type of oil in a big a*s vat machine. Where it will then sit on a shipping boat for who knows how long so by the time it finally reaches your store, it’s expired or damn near expired and it’s not even real.
Shivers in disgust.


Allen Edmonds shoes. Expensive but beautifully made and will last forever with a little care.


Guerlain – you want perfume that lasts and gives you a glimpse of heaven – the only way to go.


Shimano Ultegra bicycle components. Works smoothly. Reliable. Can’t complain.


Pepto Bismol.

I don’t know why, but it just tastes more palatable than any of the off brands. The competition tastes chalky and bad in a way Pepto just doesn’t. Pepto isn’t exactly good? But it’s refreshingly inoffensive. Which is an especially important criteria when my stomach is upset.

Always buy brand name Pepto.


Darn Tough socks….they really are.


My Irish setter work boots have never let me down. My last pair lasted like 6 years and are still functional. Plus I think they will maintain them for free if you need repairs. But I never actually went in to get them fixed for anything.


Boar’s head deli meats


Converse shoes aka Chuck Taylors.

I’ve had other canvas sneakers but none that were as good in fit and quality. The little air holes on the side make a big difference too if you have sweaty feet
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