What Do You See in This Picture?

This is a photograph of a rock formation in the Hingol National Park in Pakistan. What does it look like to you? Take a minute and decide. Now, when you learn that this is sometimes called the Balochistan Sphinx, you will see its resemblance to the Great Sphinx of Giza. It has the face of a man, the body of lion with paws and everything, and a Nemes headdress worn by Egyptian pharaohs. This rock stands atop another formation that appears to have the columns of a Hindu temple. Who carved this?

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Mother Nature carved it. There have been some articles and videos proposing a theory about an ancient civilization that for some reason carved a giant Egyptian sculpture and a Hindu temple in Pakistan so very long ago that it has been worn down by erosion. But that theory doesn’t stand up at all, especially when you see the formation from different angles. This is an example of pareidolia, the tendency to see familiar shapes, particularly faces, in random objects. Read about the Balochistan Sphinx at Historic Mysteries.  -via Strange Company 

(Image credit: Bilal Mirza)

Source: neatorama

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