What Does Living Fully Mean?

We usually see a lot of influencers on Instagram “living” their best lives with vacations, brand partnerships, and  giving tips on how to live “happy” and “fully”. Whether it’s how to achieve a well balanced lifestyle, glass skin, or a great body, we live in an age where we are constantly told how to live. That what the media and society perceives as “living fully” is the only way to live. But what does “living fully” really mean, amid all these standards and expectations? Sara Kubric tells The Guardian that in the age of Instagram, life is often reduced to doing things worth documenting: 

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What makes us happy, at its core, is an existential question, according to Sara Kuburic, a psychotherapist and counselor who works with millennials. She believes inspirational tropes are popular because they offer the promise of immediate fulfillment. “I find that people increasingly conceptualize living fully as seizing opportunities, taking risks and exploring the unknown,” she says. “Living fully, in the Instagram age, is often then reduced to doing things that would be worth documenting.”

“We are eager to live our lives fully,” she says. “Yet the pressure to prove this to our ‘friends’ is a major reason why we are not.”

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