What Happens When Everyone Makes the Same Joke

On Thursday, Bronny James of the USC Trojans made history when he was drafted into the NBA. He was pick #55 (out of 58), and went to the Los Angeles Lakers. That means he and his father, LeBron James, will be teammates. It is the first time that a father and son have played in the NBA at the same time, much less on the same team. That’s because athletic careers usually do not last that long. LeBron James has been in the NBA for 21 years. Within minutes, everyone on Twitter came up with the same joke.    

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Savannah James, LeBron’s wife, took the jokes in stride. But the real punch line came from Grok, the Twitter chatbot available to premium members. The AI program summarizes news and trends on Twitter to present to users. Due to overwhelming “evidence,” it took the story seriously.

Those who know have been telling us that artificial intelligence can have a sense of humor, but it appears that AI has a long way to go in detecting when people are telling a joke. -via Uproxx

Source: neatorama

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