What Harajuku Girls Really Look Like

The Harajuku shopping district in Tokyo gained international notoriety after it became the hip place for fashion forward Japanese youths to hang out, the most famous group being the so-called “Harajuku Girls”.

But what most people don’t realize is these “Harajuku Girls” are from different subculture groups with totally different styles and attitudes, from the romantic and fancy Lolitas to the rough and tumble Bosozoku biker gangs.

And one of the most adorable Harajuku styles is called Decora, characterized by wearing as many cute accessories as possible to in order to decorate your hair and your wardrobe.

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This Refinery29 video from a few years back takes us on a trip to Tokyo to hang out with a super kawaii Decora girl and see how she and her friends do their thang in the Harajuku.

Source: neatorama

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