What If the Milky Way Had Thousands of Alien Cultures?

Imagine a scenario in which the Milky Way galaxy is full of alien civilizations that are advanced enough to travel and communicate with each other, but they don’t pay any attention to us here on Earth. That idea can be followed by all kinds of jokes about how human civilization isn’t civilized, or otherwise deserving of company. But theoretically, there are other reasons we might not have been contacted by these advanced aliens. We might be honestly too far away to make the trip worth it. We may be relatively too young to understand them. They might know about us and have decided we have nothing useful to offer them. Or we may be among the “do not land here” list for other reasons. Yeah, some of those reasons are getting us closer to the old joke. It’s easier to think that we are truly alone in the universe. This video from Kurzgesagt is really 10:15 long; the rest is an ad.

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Source: neatorama

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