What if the Moon Fell to Earth?

The earth exerts gravitational force on the moon all the time; otherwise, it would fly off into space. But if something were to go wrong with our moon’s orbit, what would be the effect on earth? Kurzgesagt gives us the rundown, but starts off assuageing our fears over this by insisting that it’s not going to happen. As if they know for sure. Okay, the moon’s been there a long time already, so let’s assume that it’s not going to fall anytime soon.

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The good news in this theoretical scenario is that it takes a year for the moon to fall. The bad news is that conditions on earth get horribly bad really fast. This fantasy is truly apocalyptic, but stay with it; there’s a surprise ending. And the video isn’t quite as long as it seems, because the last two minutes are an ad. -via Digg

Source: neatorama

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