What Is the Hottest Place on Earth?

The way that temperature records have been constantly breaking over the last few years, the question of the hottest place on earth may all depend on what day it is. However, many of those records are averages for areas or periods of time. Most folks agree that Death Valley, California, is the hottest location you can visit. In July of 2013, the air temperature there registered 134 degrees, and it stays fairly hot most of the time.   

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Here’s how Death Valley reaches these sweltering temperatures: Hot air in Death Valley rises and trapped by the surrounding mountain ranges. It cools and falls back into the valley, where it is compressed and heated by air pressure found at such low elevations. Death Valley may have the hottest recorded air temperature on Earth, but there are other hot spots on Earth.

Read about some of those other spots at Popular Mechanics. -via Digg

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