What is the Shop Chair Version of an Aeron?

Steelcase, Herman Miller, Humanscale et al. employ armies of designers to perfect seating for office workers. Who designs seating for folks who work on shop floors, rolling across concrete rather than carpet? What’s the Aeron for a guy or gal who works on cars for a living, and needs coasters beefy enough to roll over dropped fasteners without catching?

I couldn’t find any dominant manufacturer with the aforementioned companies’ level of design staff, but I did come across this Robust Steel Max chair with quick-height adjustment by Vyper Industrial. Started by two brothers who saw a gap in the market, the Wisconsin-based company produces made-in-the-USA shop chairs with beefy components. Priced at $580, the Robust is several quality tiers above what you’d pick up at a big box store.

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These can be tricked out with Vyper’s powder-coated steel Sidekick accessory ($100) to hold fasteners, small parts or drinks in steel cups on one side, and tools or shop rags in a bracket on the other side.

An optional Tool Tray (also $100) can be fitted beneath the chair’s legs, which then act as dividers.

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Vyper also makes an aluminum version, which rings in at $655.

Check out more of their offerings here.

Source: core77

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