“What Is The Worst Thing You’ve Done To An Ex?” (35 Answers)

People break up for a reason. And some break-ups can be nastier than others. The worst ones are where one partner cheats, lies, or worse – abuses – the other. In these cases, the other party might feel that it’s quite appropriate to pay them back for the heartbreak and the disrespect.

The people in this thread shared some interesting and creative ways they got revenge on their exes. The question one person asked was “What is the worst thing you’ve done to an ex?” And people came in to share their revenge stories. From changed passwords to simply living a better life and finding a person who truly loved them, the answers certainly did not disappoint.

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Scrubbed her from my socials. Erased 6yrs (2.5 married) of my life. Posts, comments, likes, photos….everything.

I’m a man and an abuse survivor. Men can be victims. Erasing my ex wife was extreme; she deserved it.!

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Got remarried to a nice person.

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Replaced the number of the b***h he was secretly sending d**k pics to with the number of his mom in the contacts of his phone. Both had no profile pic. So he was doomed.

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Called the cops on him.

He wouldn’t let me leave for a few days, and I really wanted to go home. One day, he took my car, my phone and purse and left the house to go buy some illegal s**t. I took the opportunity to run to a neighbors house and asked them to call the police. About 5 cop cars showed up as he was pulling in the driveway. He acted all innocent but I kept yelling at the cops that he wouldn’t let me leave. Told them this is my car, he has my possessions. They pulled him aside, and gave me the opportunity to get whatever I had to get and leave safely. 

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She cheated on me with a “friend” of mine.

Perhaps not the most mature thing to do, but from the moment I found out I haven’t uttered a single word to her. I just up and left.

I’m not easy to anger and not a violent man, but honest to god. I don’t know how I’d have reacted facing her, so I chose not to.

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Guessed her password (blink182) and deleted her MySpace.

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I knew her Jersey Mike’s rewards password. I waited until she built up a lot of points then went and got myself a free samich.

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Okay it was incredibly petty and definitely way less than he deserved but it was very satisfying. He was abusive over a few months I put money away and gradually pack a few essentials and arranged for my friend to pick me up at about 2am when he I knew he would definitely be at work.  Before he left for work he had hit me me really hard. The abuse had gotten to a point where he didn’t care about leaving visible marks. I was so angry and so done at this point that I went and poured out all his alcohol down the sink and stole all the light bulbs in his flat. So when he got home from work he had no lights and no alcohol to drink.

 I now work with at a domestic abuse charity supporting people who are in my exact situation. If you see this and are struggling in an abusive relationship please reach out. There is so many people and charities who can help you, you are not alone

For those wondering I did go to the police and he was arrested. I had been documenting the injuries I got in a locked folder on my phone. This was so he couldn’t see them and delete them.  He did end up going to prison, he is currently still in he got 7 years for Grevious Bodily harm, Sexual assault and Coercive Control. My documenting of what he was doing to me played a huge part in his sentence.  If you are in an abusive relationship please be careful documenting your injuries like I did. Whilst it was incredibly helpful in his conviction it can put you in danger. Make sure you upload them to the cloud and make sure every copy is in a locked folder with a different passcode to your normal phone passcode. I do not recommend having hard copies until you are out of the situation digital is much easier and safer to hide. Please remember your never alone and you are loved ❤️.


I ordered surströmming fish and stuffed it in her curtain hangers after she cheated on me and poured remaining juices in her washing machine and left.

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We are both lawyers. I found out he cheated on me. I took his lawyer’s robes and hid them on a day I knew he needed them in order to appear in high court. He had to show up in front of the judge and try to explain why he didn’t have his robes.

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I dated a girl off and on in high school. She was the sort of psychotic girl where she liked to create drama just to have something “fun” to watch spread and talk about, regardless of how it affected peoples’ lives, including breaking up with me on a whim multiple times. I stayed and gave her multiple chances because, honestly, she was very attractive. I broke things off (messily, unfortunately) because I needed stability (and sanity) in my love life, and she didn’t speak to me again after that, until…

Almost a decade later, she Facebook messages me out of the blue and starts up her s**t again, saying, “Hey, I know you were really s**t to me years ago, but I’m going through some growth and want to forgive you and move on,” etc. Digging up her some imaginary BS to get a reaction out of people. Per the advice of my fiancée, I left a flat “Do I know you?” This. DESTROYED. Her. She responded with some more drama about how “I guess I’m the only one who cared” and left me alone for good.

Moral of the story: don’t f**k crazy.

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Petty as f**k but I told her that her favorite designer purse I had bought her was a fake.

It wasn’t, obviously, but I heard she gave it away pretty quickly.

Some random person out there has a really nice genuine Saint Laurent bag and that makes me happy.

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“you’re just like your mother”.

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Was right behind her in the line at a store and I saw her eyes go wide when she saw me so I know she recognized me. Hadn’t seen her in about 10 years and she had let herself go so I pretended I didn’t recognize her.

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I was working full time and taking evening classes so we didn’t spend as much time together which I guess gave her the green light to hook up with a co worker. We broke up and they immediately started dating. About a year later they got engaged. The summer after they got engaged I ran in to her and we talked for a bit. She admitted she still had feelings for me, I told her I did too. We ended up hooking that night. I didn’t actually have feelings for her anymore and on my way home I texted her fiancé (I had his number because he texted me and returned my stuff after the breakup) and told him I just hooked up with her. Engagement was called off and she had to move home. I don’t feel bad about it at all.


I was a repo man. Ex owed me money. Dealership also wanted their money.
Once she started ghosting me, I called and asked the dealership how much the car was worth to them. Came back the same night, hooked up her car, and took it back to the dealer.

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Early WIFI days, Drove by her apartment during finals week in college and changed her wifi router’s ID and password so she wouldn’t be able to connect. We broke up because I caught her cheating one me. Like caught caught, walked in on insertion. Was with a guy she got mad at me for being jealous of how much she had been talking to him. She started dating him right away. Years later I ran into the guy and he told me she did it to him too, and that they were doing stuff for months before i caught them. He told me she was in a rage about the internet not working when she really needed it.


Not an ex, but one time I was talking to two girls from Tinder at the same time. Unbeknownst to me, they were best friends. They must’ve gotten to talking and realized they were talking to the same guy. They sent me a barrage of nasty messages, calling me a “f**kboy” and the like. I kind of just laughed it off and chalked it up as a loss.

A few hours later one of the girls texted me again. She said she wasn’t mad at me, just surprised that I would pursue someone “as ugly as her friend” and that she was still interested in meeting up for a date.

I took a screenshot of what she wrote, sent it to the other friend, and then blocked them both.


My ex had an affair, she moved in with him pretty much straight away, I went round to pick up my kids, used the toilet, saw their toothbrushes left a little p**s on it.

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I sent everyone in my ex husbands family the pictures/videos of him sucking his cousins d**k among other things on new years. They do this every year and his cousin and him sent me pictures/videos one year.

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I had an ex who was a d**g addict. His cycle was to sober up, until he was in a relationship. Then, he would relapse.
We started dating and he had his own place, excercised, biked to work and my house. He was ripped. Then, little by little things changed. I had no idea.
I ended up staying through 2 rehab stays. The last time he came out of rehab, he stole my paycheck, my car, etc
I had moved to be closer to the last rehab. I almost got assaulted by his dealer, who came to my new place. I guess he let him know where we moved.

I decided to finally leave and went into the military, which I had been putting off because he “needed support”.

So, I told him I would come to get him after I got out of training. I called him while I was gone in boot camp, etc. One time I called and a woman answered the phone. I lied to her and told her I was “calling all my friends from back home to tell them I was graduating boot camp/AIT”. Asked to talk to him.
When he got on the phone I immediately told him to tell me that he loved me. He wouldn’t.
I wanted to make him squirm. So, I asked him again. I heard him walk to the bathroom and flush the toilet(to cover up his voice), while he quickly said, “I love you!” Haahaa.
I told him I “understood” that he needed someone to take care of him, and that this woman needed to be gone by the time I got back.(you get vacation time in between training and active duty to move your belongings to your duty station) And, that he would go to my active duty station with me.(We would fly there together)

By the time I went on leave (like vacation in between training and active duty), he had gotten rid of his apartment, quit his job, and was waiting for me at the airport (because I told him my parents were too pissed at him for him to come to the house). Instead, I drove to active duty alone and never picked him up. Left him waiting there at the airport. F him.


My crazy ex boyfriend cheated on me multiple times when we were together. He never confessed to it. It was either his brothers telling me or me finding out from the girls. He would always blame me for cheating. The last 3 months of our relationship he had a new girlfriend and i didn’t find out till later. anyways I carved cheater on a pumpkin and put it infront of his house. Also apparently someone sent a h**ker to his house and he blamed me for it but it wasn’t me. But thank you whoever did that?.


An ex texted me to say essentially “Next time you are in town, tell me because I didn’t like knowing my friends were in town and I couldn’t see them”. The message wasn’t as polite as that and was more unhinged/controlling but you get the gist.

Sent the message to all our mutual friends, all of them sided with me and several called her out for the behaviour and subsequently fell out with her over how she responded.

So she lost about a dozen friends.


Found out she cheated on me because when i went onto my computer and hit enter to log into Facebook she used it last, so seeing a message from my friend was weird until i realized i was on hers and read it. Happened at like 1am when i got home.

Had her in the car with her stuff 20 minutes later and dropped her off wailing at her moms apartment while she begged me for another chance. Her mom was dead asleep and didnt hear her knock or call so i left her in the rain with her stuff. She spent the next couples years unblocking me and checking my Facebook then blocking me again. Every guy she posted a pic with had the comment “he treats me so much better than (me)” but nobody that knew us believed it because of how good i treated her.

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Rather what she has done to me. I broke up with her and two weeks after the break up I get a message from her demanding the perfume back which she gifted me beforehand. Her explanation is that she can´t get over the fact that I´m gonna meet new girls while wearing the perfume which she chose for me. I obliged and sent it to her and in the same turn asked back two of my newly aquired (and damned expensive) hoodies which she kinda stole from me. She sent me back a picture of them burning…


I stopped sending birthday wishes on social media.

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That’s izzy. kept her on read when she was begging to get back.


I’ll start the story off by saying this was revenge not just me wanting to do something because she was an ex.

Anyway, I dated a girl for a while in college and things were pretty good. She came to me one day about a class she was taking that had a creative writing project that counted for a good portion of her grade. She asked me if I would help her because the topic was too dark for her and she didn’t want to put herself in that headspace. She had to write a story where she created a serial k**ler, she had to explain their childhood, how to the came to k**l, what motivated them, and how their story ended (caught, k**led, escaped, etc.) She just really didn’t want to do that assignment and I was an English major at the time so I told her I’d just write it.

I wrote the entire story and found it interesting. She turned it in and ended up getting a 92 on it so she was really happy. I liked the story so much that I posted it on my profile on a short story website so friends and other people that liked my stories could read it. Fast forward a couple weeks I find out that she’s been cheating on me with her ex from before we met, I was pretty livid.

I created a new email account with a pseudo name and I backdated the story on the website to a couple months prior. I emailed her professor and told her I was an aspiring short story author and I had friends at her college. I said someone told me that a student in his class had copied my work and submitted it for an assignment and I provided a link to my work as well as sending him pictures of the handwritten rough draft of the story.

It was all reviewed and she was expelled, she was less than a year from finishing her BA. I sometimes question if I went too far but at the end of the day I was in love with her at the time and she used me for her class while f*****g another guy behind my back.


Ate her last Rolo.


This was college, so just dumb petty college things, but my ex dumped me to pursue another guy (and I am quite sure they were together before she dumped me, but never had proof). So I repeatedly slept with the girl in my ex’s sorority whom I knew my ex disliked the most. I would try to time my coming and going from her room when I knew my ex would be at the house going to or from a class. The other girl was quite attractive and happy to have a casual fling, and on some level I’m sure she knew what I was doing. I had a lot of fun and I know from another mutual friend that it drove my ex absolutely nuts.


Convinced her to break up with her long term boyfriend, dated her for 1.5 months, dumped her and started dating her life long friend. This was freshman year of highschool (14-15y/o) but it is definitely a stain on my conscience.


Slept with her best friend.


Last drink I had with the last gal I dated was an alcoholic drink called “Choc-Tease”. Well, during that drink she told me she wanted to be exclusive and try building a future together. A few days later she had posted on FB and some fella commented on her looks. A few days after that (I lived on a busy street) she’s riding on the back of this dudes Harley. So, for the past few years I’ve been throwing empty shooter bottles in her yard. I mix it up for holidays, green on Saint Patrick’s Day, red and green for Christmas. By the time the snow melted her yard was full of them. Yes, it’s rather petty, yet so satisfying knowing I’m pissing her off on a sometimes daily basis.


Sat between her and another female friend at a concert, and only spoke to the other girl the whole time. I got dumped that night lol.

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She cheated on me, so I f****d her sister.

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