“What Is Your Favorite Meal Or Snack That No One Understands?”: 56 People Share Their Beloved But Weird Food Combos

Cooking is an art. To truly understand what flavors best complement one another takes lots of experimentation. A chef must be brave enough to try new things and take risks. Even if a combination turns out to be repulsive, at least the artist learned something. Plus, you know what they say: one chef’s trash is another man’s favorite questionable food combination. (Or something like that…)

Recently, Reddit users have been sharing their favorite meals and snacks that other people just don’t understand, and we’ll warn you, some of them might cause you to raise your eyebrows. So below, we’ve gathered some of the most intriguing culinary concoctions that people absolutely swear by, as well as an interview with the Reddit user who sparked this conversation in the first place. As controversial as these may sound, we think that if you keep an open mind, you might even find a meal or snack that’ll make it into your regular diet as well. 

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Be sure to upvote the suggestions you find most shocking or that you would actually be willing to try, and feel free to share your own beloved yet misunderstood food combos in the comments. Then, if you’re interested in expanding your palette even further, you can find Bored Panda’s last article featuring questionable snacks and meals right here.


Mashed potatoes. Sunny side up runny eggs. Flip the egg over onto the potatoes. My comfort food. My boyfriend thinks I’m crazy whenever I make it with leftover mashed potatoes.

Image credits: ikogut


Strawberries dipped in sour cream and then brown sugar.

Image credits: hotrodford


Grilled cheese with strawberry jam. The sweet and savory contrast is delicious.

Image credits: NeverSawOz

Depending on whether you’re a picky or adventurous eater, this list might affect you in a variety of ways. If you’re open minded when it comes to food, many of these might sound delicious, or even completely normal. As a person who will try anything (as long as it’s vegan), I have to admit that very few of these combinations sounded strange to me. In fact, for people that don’t have any dietary restrictions or preferences, I would say that many of these pairings sound perfectly delicious! 

But food is sometimes a sensitive topic. We get set in our ways (and sometimes assign moral value to things, like saying that pineapple on pizza is wrong) and often forget that there are infinite combinations out there that might actually blow our minds. So to learn more about how this conversation started in the first place, we reached out to the Reddit user who asked others to share their favorite meals and snacks that no one understands. The author of this question, who wishes to remain anonymous, told Bored Panda, “I asked the question because I have a favorite weird favorite myself, and I was curious what others would say!”


Baby carrots and peanut butter. It’s so good! The carrots are sweet and have a high enough water content to help break thru the peanut butter. Perfect snack, in my opinion.

Image credits: barryandorlevon


Mac ‘n’ cheese topped with apple sauce. Something about the hot and cold contrast as well as the salty/ creamy and sweet/smooth contrast. Idk, it just works for me. I’ve been eating it this way since I was a child.

Image credits: sixacorns


Peanut butter pizza. Dad made it as a joke when I was a kid and I still make it today.

Image credits: cataclyzzmic

“My favorite weird food is a fresh baked garlic bagel from a real bagel place,” the author who sparked this conversation shared. “The kind with crunchy garlic bits covering the outside. Toasted with butter, salt and honey!” Honestly, that sounds delicious.

We were also curious what she thought of the replies her post received. “Nothing really sounds gross to me, but I didn’t try anything I saw in the comments.” And when it comes to whether or not there are any combinations that should be considered truly bizarre, she’s open minded. “It’s just a matter of preference!”


A slide of cheddar cheese and a raw onion.

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It’s [bad] on your breath so I have to save it for when I’m off work and not wearing mask otherwise I’m tearing up all day. But super yummy, creamy cheese with a snap of onion, perfection.

Image credits: Nurse49


Bacon jelly sandwich. Two pieces of white bread toast with bacon and strawberry jelly. Goes well with a glass of orange juice

Image credits: FlyfishDailyMT


I like to eat popcorn and milk like cereal

Image credits: Electrical_Key_9626

We also asked the author if there were any combos she would never dare to try. “I would try anything vegan or vegetarian,” she told Bored Panda. “But I’m really picky about meat and other animal products.” That’s understandable. I feel some sense of comfort knowing that my chances of being food poisoned are significantly decreased by not eating animal products. But more power to those of you who have absolutely no fears when it comes to food! Bon appétit!


Picked this up from my Dad.

A piece of cake, doesn’t matter if it’s slightly stale, in a bowl, with milk poured over it.

Image credits: Paula_King


Avocados mashed together with cold condensed milk.

Image credits: Darwin343


A coworker once brought corned beef hash to work and ate it on a toasted english muffin with cream cheese schmeared on. She had enough to share and everyone passed on it, but me. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever had.

Image credits: Thepandamancan23

Some of the responses to this post were repeated many times, meaning that those combinations aren’t actually that bizarre. Apparently, lots of people love pickles and peanut butter! And while that is one pairing I have yet to try myself, I can already say that I know I would like it. I will be making a PB&P sandwich very soon. (Maybe even add some sriracha on it!) But it should not be shocking that some of these combinations work because a lot of cooking is just pairing various flavor profiles. For example, something salty, something sweet, something acidic and something creamy or fatty all in one dish is often a hit. There are infinite opportunities for what can be used for each of those components.


Cottage cheese inside a hollowed out tomato

Image credits: FancyDalifantes


mint chip ice cream with peanut butter

Image credits: ltwtrower


I have soft boiled eggs on toast for breakfast nearly every day. So many people look at me weirdly when I tell them. Its like only poached , scrambled or fried exist. Some will be like “ ooh do you dip bits of toast in it?” And I’m like “nah, I peel it and put it in my toast (sliced in half, yolk runny, white cooked). Delish and healthy.

No one else does it and everyone gives me strange looks.

Image credits: MrMarcusRocks

What is considered a “weird food combination” is also incredibly subjective. There are so many different cultures around the world eating a variety of different diets, so what is perfectly normal to one person might sound repulsive to someone on the other side of the world. That doesn’t mean there is anything wrong with either person’s palette, though. They just have different preferences. One classic example is how loved the peanut butter and jelly sandwich is to Americans. I have met many Europeans who say the combination sounds disgusting. And although they have heard of it and know it’s a staple for American kids to pack for lunch, I’ve met many people who wince at the thought of trying it. Sort of how I feel about eating baked beans on toast, a favorite of many Brits. I love an English breakfast, but I never ever touch the beans. 


Whole pickled jalapeños, take off the stem end, dump out juice, fill with mac n’ cheese and enjoy!

Image credits: Awholelottasass


I think you have to be Australian to get this. Here goes; a buttered soft vegemite roll stuffed with Samboy BBQ chips. Anyone else?

Image credits: CatBallou3


Dark peppermint chocolate eaten with salt and vinegar potato chips. Making sure you have a bit of each in your mouth at the same time.

Image credits: michaeldaph

One of the most controversial food combinations of all time is pineapple on pizza. Most people have an opinion on this topic. And while I never felt passionately one way or the other, (I’ve enjoyed the occasional pizza with pineapples but it’s certainly not my go-to), I finally understood how people could be so shocked by the idea when I moved to Sweden and saw people putting banana on pizza. That was a new one for me. But the famous Hawaiian pizza came onto the scene in the 1960s, when an Ontario-based pizza joint owned by Sam Panopoulos started experimenting with creative toppings. And while the pizza flavor still sparks debate around the world, it’s simultaneously a cult classic. 


Dill pickle and extra sharp cheddar cheese. Bite of both at same time and chew and its amazing.

Image credits: digdat0


Pickled eggs, sausage , and sardines. Together

Image credits: scrumbum1


Once in a blue moon I’ll microwave a frozen French bread pizza instead of baking it–it’s objectively much worse this way but it tastes just like the bad microwaved rectangular pizza at the pool when I was growing up, which hits me right in the nostalgia. All it’s missing is bits of paper plate stuck to the bottom.

Pickles and peanut butter is often regarded as strange craving pregnant women have, but apparently the combination came about nearly a century ago. During the Great Depression, resources were incredibly sparse, and people started to get creative with their rations to find cheap, filling meals. Thus, the peanut butter and pickle sandwich was born. But the combo makes perfect sense, as peanut butter can certainly be used excellently in savory meals. Ever had a pad thai with chopped peanuts on top, summer rolls dipped in a peanut sauce or a thai peanut curry? I would highly recommend all three!  


The day after a roast meat meal. Roast beef, sliced cold roast potatoes, mustard, cold gravy on buttery white bread sandwich.

Back off.


Dill Pickle and Peanut Butter sandwich. I first tasted it when I was stoned nearly 40 years ago and I still eat one two or three times a year. The two ingredients just mesh in a way I can’t really explain.

Image credits: Desertnurse760


Cottage cheese with a c**p load of cracked pepper on top of garden herb triscut cracker with a zip of siracha

Image credits: eathatflay86

Are you salivating just from reading these responses, or have you lost your appetite for dinner? Whether you’re feeling inspired to get more creative in the kitchen or not, we hope you’re enjoying this list. Keep upvoting the combos you find particularly intriguing, and please feel free to share any of your personal favorites in the comments down below. I’m very interested to know what you pandas like to make when no one is around to judge you! And if you haven’t checked out our last article on the same topic yet, you can find it right here


Original lays or ruffles chips- doesn’t matter the brand, as long as it’s plain salty chip with caramel sauce (litehouse tub). Freaking delicious.
My depression food is a flour tortilla with some Nutella. Haven’t had it in awhile but daaaaang it was satisfying.

Image credits: -epm


Peanut butter, mayo, pickles, cheddar and lettuce on a sandwich. So good

Also salami and jelly sandwiches

Image credits: WhizzleTeabags


Slice of ham, put like a tsp honey on it, fold and eat it like a taco.


Cottage cheese, mashed with a fork, mix with vanilla, cinnamon and a sprinkle of sugar. Spread on toast, top with more cinnamon, stick under broiler for just a minute.

Grandma called it a cheese danish. She and I are the only ones who ever ate it, and now it’s just me. Hubby and kids think it’s disgusting.


I used to eat chicken nuggets dipped in vanilla milkshakes. I loved it. Yet I hate fries dipped in milkshakes with a fiery passion. I can’t eat any one of any of these anymore but I still like the taste. Along with orange juice and toothpaste. Barbeque or A1 steak sauce with mustard on a hamburger (no cheese. I hate cheese. Only bun, condiments, and meat patty) was my favorite.

Image credits: Sugary_Cutie


Canned pears with miracle whip and shredded cheese

Image credits: gardenclue


Buttered rice and ketchup. Haven’t had it in years. Started out as a struggle meal but it’s my secret pleasure.


Steamed broccoli with mayonnaise

It’s how my family has always eaten it and for some reason it takes other people aback

(Also steamed artichokes with mayo – those tender leaves!)


Grilled peanut butter sandwich (make it like a grilled cheese except with peanut butter) with Worcestershire or A1 as a dipping sauce. Yum!!

Image credits: GreenIZinMO


Dark chocolate squares with salt&vinegar powder sprinkled on top

Image credits: SaltandVinegarBae


Tuna casserole: Mac and cheese with canned tuna added. Add some diced pickle and I’m eating the entire batch to myself.

Image credits: chouchchair


Make a sandwich with white bread, peanut butter and sweet Thai chilli doritos. Great combo that I was hesitant about when my high friend made one, but it is a treat


Cream cheese and green olives. So yum. Sometimes rolled up in a flour tortilla.


Banana and mayonnaise sandwich.


When I was a kid I used to love sprinkling powdered Tang on my toast instead of using cinnamon sugar lol

It tastes like an orange creamsicle on buttered toast!


I like using popcorn and cereal as croutons

(Obviously not something like Froot Loops. That would be too crazy… I use something plain like Chex or Crispix… Ok, maybe Cap’n Crunch too..)


Dried instant ramen with the season packet sprinkled on it.

I put my cream cheese on the top of my everything seasoning bagel to seal in the seasoning, then invert – it raises eyebrows, but whose car and lap and shirt isn’t covered in bagel sprinkles, hmm???

Image credits: bigmamapain


Matzo brei.

You may now return to your previously scheduled programming.


Curried egg and beetroot sandwich.


– cottage cheese on baked beans. Even better if you have some ruffled potato chips to scoop it all up

– haven’t had it in awhile, but graham crackers dipped in orange juice was a childhood favorite

– Probably not all that weird, but a favorite dessert in elementary school lunches was a graham cracker sandwiched with chocolate frosting

Two bizarre meals/snacks I’ve witness from others that chilled me to my bones are:

1. My host dad in an exchange program I did would crush up half a sleeve of saltine crackers and eat them cold cereal style with milk for breakfast

2. A former coworker would eat uncooked instant oatmeal with old bay seasoning sprinkled in as a quick “desk snack”


My step son dips croutons in hot sauce and eat them like chips and dip. I find it strange and weird but he seems to like it so whatever lol


Cheez Whiz and crunchy peanut butter sandwiches


Lamb Phall


Microwaving the s**t out of marshmallows they end up chewy and sometimes crunchy after they cool off. Peeps are the best.


My dad often eats banana and mayonnaise sandwiches pretty frequently. He swears by it


Tuna salad on toasted cinnamon raisin bagel


Anytime we have a fire my girlfriend fills marshmallows with yellow mustard and then burns the s**t out of them.

Another favorite of hers is a chunk of banana on a slice of extra sharp cheddar with a bread and butter pickle chip.

No she’s not pregnant and yes something is wrong with her.


Slice of white bread, shmear of sour cream, sprinkle of salt and pepper. Fold. Chomp.

Been making that snack since I was a teen and I crave it once in a while.


White rice, tuna, ketchup and Tabasco

Started out as “broke meal” but honestly I just really like it


No idea what this concoction is called, but I’ll cook up a bunch of egg whites, ground turkey, oven-roasted broccoli, diced tomatoes, some taco sauce and taco seasoning all in a pan, and then serve it over brown rice? Delicious! No one else in my house likes it or gets it, but I do.


Two things:

Parmesan bagel (Costco) toasted up and then cream cheese with honey. Wife thinks it’s crazy, I love it.

My grandma used to make the second, and most people think it’s crazy. A summer sausage sandwich. Use whatever bread. Nice sharp cheddar. Lettuce, onion, whatever veggies you want. Top with your favorite jelly and spicy brown mustard.


Before I learned about other cheeses besides mozzarella and Parmesan, I would add cream cheese to my spaghetti ? I had a co worker witness my mixing and he just looked at me like I was a weirdo lol

I also like to eat tomato based soups with smashed egg yolks from boiled eggs. Idk what it is, but the egg makes is so creamy and delicious.


Pepperoncini peppers with a cube of cheddar cheese. It’s got a zing with a little bit of heat that the cheddar mellows and yeah. I like it. None of my friends except maybe one has cared to try it


ketchup on mashed potatoes. hey. don’t knock it, til you try it.


ketchup on mashed potatoes. hey. don’t knock it, til you try it.


Pizza rolls with the filling squeezed out and stuffed with ruffle potato chips!


Cheez-Its dipped in cinnamon applesauce was a favorite snack when I was in junior high school. I still have it occasionally.


Cheez-its dipped in cinnamon applesauce was a favorite snack when I was in junior high school. I still have it occasionally.


ketchup on mashed potatoes. hey. don’t knock it, til you try it.
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