What Makes a Good Museum Bathroom?

The American Alliance of Museums posted a list of the best museum bathrooms. Sure, they are all pretty and clean and have the conveniences one would need, but the loos listed are so much more than that. To be a best museum bathroom, you have to consider what makes this bathroom in this museum not only nice, but also clever, interesting, and appropriate. Some are downright fascinating!

History museums tend to continue their lessons right into the more private facilities. The head in the Mariner’s Museum and Park has its own exhibition about, well, you can probably guess. The Charleston Museum has a fancy display of fancy chamber pots in its ladies room. Art museums are more likely to commission well-known artists to design their restrooms as functioning works of art. Then there are illusion restrooms, experimental restrooms, and unexpected experience restrooms, which you can see at The American Alliance of Museums.  -via Boing Boing

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Source: neatorama

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