What Makes Breakfast, “Breakfast”?

Short answer: We don’t know. Maybe breakfast is just a persistent illusion.

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Bacon, eggs, oatmeal and avocado toast, along with some hot coffee and a newspaper. This is a typical picture of “breakfast.” But what makes this scene a breakfast scene? Is it the bacon? Is it the eggs? Is it the oatmeal or the avocado toast? This problem is referred to as The Hard Problem of Breakfast.

The stubborn fact remains that, no matter how deeply we probe into the nature of bacon, eggs, oatmeal, and avocado toast—to say nothing of shakshuka, grits, bear claws, or dim sum—or the interactions between these fundamental building blocks and, say, orange juice or coffee and the morning paper, we simply have no convincing theory to explain how such disparate, seemingly inert components give rise to the phenomenon we subjectively experience as “breakfast.”

It has long been understood that no breakfast can exist in the absence of its constituent foods and their related supporting structures such as plates and bowls, utensils, and toasters. A breakfast must self-evidently be “of” something to be considered a breakfast at all. Yet despite technological advances that have enabled scientists to probe these components at the most minute levels, we have to date found no trace of the theorized Breakfast Particle or any other plausible mechanism by which breakfast could emerge from the underlying biochemical or nutriophysical activity.

More details about this problem over at Nautilus.

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