What NASA Learned From The Challenger Disaster 35 Years Ago

January 28, 1986. It was the day when five NASA astronauts, and two payload specialists, lost their lives. It was the day when the Space Shuttle Challenger unexpectedly exploded after 73 seconds into its flight. It was a day worth learning from.

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The shockwaves through NASA and its aerospace and defense partners were immense, and it took more than two years to resume flights after an external investigation, redesigns and other measures. The accident also caused a few program cancellations, such as an astronaut jetpack that flew spacewalkers on satellite rescue missions and a plan to launch space shuttles from California in addition to Florida.

NASA has since then remembered and learned from its mistakes that led to the tragedy 35 years ago.

More about this story over at Space.com.

(Image Credit: NASA/ Wikimedia Commons)

Source: neatorama

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