What Not To Do In Public: 71 Instant Judgment-Inducing Acts

If you don’t have anything nice to say, it might be best not to say anything at all. But that doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to think judgmental things about other people. If you witness someone litter, yell at their dog or plow through a crosswalk without even checking for pedestrians, you might start giving an aggressive side-eye without even realizing. 

Reddit users have recently been sharing all of the things strangers do in public that cause them to immediately cast judgment, so we’ve gathered some of their most popular responses below. Some might annoy you and others might pleasantly surprise you (as judgment doesn’t always have to be bad), so enjoy scrolling through and be sure to upvote the replies you agree with!

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Being cruel to their pets

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Take out their phone to film while someone is in a bad situation, instead of trying to help / call for help

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Giving minimum wage employees an unnecessarily hard time. Lady, the cashier didn’t pick out the f*****g prices for your vanilla iced latte. Just pay for your s**t or admit you’re broke and leave.

Image credits: PmMeYourNudesTy


Throw trash on the ground

Image credits: crumpana


Not washing their hands after using the bathroom


Take something out of the supermarket freezer (or fridge), put it in your trolley/basket/whatever. Then later decide you don’t want it so you take it out and put it on a random shelf, to thaw and spoil before somebody notices

Not too crazy bout people leaving s**t random spots at the shops but it happens, I get it . However leaving something on a shelf when it should be refrigerated/frozen is just a d**k move. Put it back where ya got it or give it to a supermarket employee (I mean it’s a bit lazy/rude but better than nothing), don’t just leave it somewhere to go to waste

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Watch a video on full blast, without headphones where it is very clearly inappropriate.

Or scream at their kids, in front of a bunch of strangers. I think it’s absolutely humiliating for a child and it is very telling of how they are to the child all the time.

Image credits: melancholia__


Not use their indicators when turning.

I will assume they are in fact a morlock visiting the surface, and unfamiliar that we live in a society!

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Vape on public transport, especially on the underground. I’m a vaper myself but there’s something so disrespectful about making everyone in the carriage breathe your clouds of flavoured nicotine.

Image credits: caffeineandvodka


Drop litter. Not pick up their dog’s s**t.


Bring their kid or their pet to an inappropriate event. Your child is three, they don’t need to be at an outdoor beer festival.

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Let their children run freely in a crowded parking lot. I am probably one of the most non-judgmental people you will ever meet, but if my brakes get tested because you are not paying attention and your kid runs in front of my car, my inner Karen will come out. You have been warned.

Image credits: 2gecko1983


Touch/Destroy public art or etch their name/disrespect a cultural(historical) space.


I saw a woman buy an ice cream cone, smile while taking a selfie of her and the ice cream, and then toss it right in the trash without ever tasting it

Image credits: blood2016


Spitting on the ground where other people are walking. At least make the effort to go spit on a bush or something…even though the bush is innocent in all of this

Image credits: Glen-Runciter


How they treat people in customer service, like store clerks or waiters.

Chill man, he’s going to refill your drinks. Give him a second.

Image credits: TheMintyLeaf


Mouth open no cover sneeze

Image credits: averagejill


For me, it’s being on your phone while driving. Instant rage. Full disclosure: I was T-boned by one of those a-holes

Image credits: okwellactually


Park their grocery cart in the middle of the aisle and stay there while they look at every item on the shelf, even when it’s clear there are people waiting to get by.

Image credits: WanderInTheTrees


Spit or flick a cigarette butt on the ground


Stop at the bottom of an escalator to think about where they want to go.

Image credits: LeTigre71


Removing their shoes in public spaces. Caught so many people resting their nasty bare feet on a seat across them.

Image credits: Ok_Tax_3190


Start yelling. At kids, wife, husband, dog, cat, cop. Don’t matter. Yelling in public, it sets the wrong impression from the start.

Image credits: Lazy-Lawfulness3472


I was walking my kids to the park tonight and a stranger asked me what school they went to.


Image credits: Dave-Again


I saw a guy at the cinema restroom leave without washing his hands, go into the same theater as me, sit down, and take a handful of popcorn from a shared bucket with his lady friend

Image credits: Zentavius


Play music on their phone without headphones


Drop garbage out their car window


During peak COVID, my coworker and I witnessed someone pull their mask down, sneeze, and then put the mask back on

Image credits: IDreamofLoki


Saw a person unloading their groceries just push their cart into the next parking space and drive off. The next parking space was occupied by someone who was there, about to back out, who now had to deal with the cart behind them.

*All the judgement.*


Have no awareness of their surroundings. Slow in the fast line, come to a dead halt in the entrance of a building, etc.


Yelling angrily at their doggo/ kid.

I understand frustrations exist, but because of my own life history, both of those situations immediately set off my UhOh radar.


I once saw a girl FaceTiming with a boy in the women’s locker room!

Image credits: sychedelicGoat42


People staring at their phones the whole time while they’re out to eat with someone. Won’t even notice that I’m looking because they’re too focused on their phone.


Smoke while they’re pregnant


Not return their grocery cart. Tucking it into the bushes or the space next to them like they don’t care someone is gonna have to clean up behind them. ‘It’s their job.’

Image credits: Johndenverdreams


Get in peoples’ way to film a TikTok

Image credits: Swampwolf42


Parents who prank their kids. UGH. They are truly the worst. Parents who use their children to make money in general. Videos, acting, pageants. They are not your money makers. It will have long lasting effects


Being loud and unruly.


Smoke around their children (sorry not sorry, I don’t care if you smoke but don’t do it around your kids). Not offer up a seat on public transportation for someone else who needs it more. Litter.


Excessive PDA


Exist. If i had to be specific, it would be speaker phone. Im just trying to enjoy my bus ride, i dont want to hear your business.


Groping their companion. It is just such bad taste. I don’t mean an affectionate arm drape, or a hug, but the hands all over the place. It’s just gross.


Off leash dog


Have a conversation during a concert. If you hold a conversation during a concert you are an a*****e. STFU and let the people around you that paid good money to attend the concert enjoy it.

Image credits: uwec95


Drivers that have a go at people with disability blue badges because “you’re not really disabled!”


Take up more than half of a two-way sidewalk


Try to force their child to ride a rollercoaster(or other ride) when the kid is crying and yelling no.

I spent four summers working as a ride operator at an amusement park in Oh*o. The way some of those parents seemed to get off on their kids’ fear always got to me.

I had an autistic child using alternate access with his family once(brother and parents) and as soon as he got into the seat he started to melt down. We are trained to ask the child, and only the child, if they want to ride. I asked him if he wanted to and he gave me an immediate and clear no – which is fair because it’s a 300’+ rollercoaster. I had restraints unlocked within seconds as I wanted to keep trains moving to let him off.

This mother f*****g a*****e piece of s**t father starts screaming at me while his kid is shaking and sobbing, and gets within an inch of my face telling me how I’ve ruined his day before I even get the chance to give them a pass to walk onto the ride at a later time if the boy changes his mind and decides he wants to ride later(he won’t). At this time I’m a 6′ college age female and this man starts to pull his arm back like he’s going to punch me. Had another guest almost jump over the exit gate to stop him from decking me – all because he wanted to force his kid to ride a rollercoaster. I got closer to him and told him to get off my platform, which to be fair I had been doing, and he finally f****d off after about ten minutes of screaming. I even let his wife and other son stay on the ride.

They went to guest services and complained about me to my roommate who just happened to be at the desk. She basically told him to kick rocks and that I did my job.

Image credits: AllergicToYahtzee


An act of kindness – especially one that doesn’t benefit that person.

OP didn’t say it had to be negative.

Image credits: Rettorica


Open mouth chewing. Just gross table manners in general.


Cause a scene


Me and my friends were ice skating earlier and saw a man put his skates on with no socks.

Image credits: makko007


When they ask for money when I’m walking out of a store. It usually them being short about $10 to fill up their gas tanks.


Cuss and being loud at a fine restaurant you made reservations at for your birthday


Scream at their partner

Image credits: FazeFrostbyte


Many years ago I was in a department store and there was this guy and wife or girlfriend and they had a kid with them. I’m assuming the kid was his mother’s son and the guy was his stepdad. It was probably near back to school time because I guess they were going to be buying his school supplies.

In any case I overheard the stepdad several times over yelling at the kid, kept telling him to put stuff back, saying something like his mom’s child support checks have to buy his beer and cigarettes first, they didn’t have any money left over for everything the kid wanted.

That was the height of trashiness, I wish I was closer to get a look and get an idea who he was so I could have turned him in. It made me sick for the kid in that his stepdad was making him go without to fund his own wants, with especially what was supposed to be his money


Take an extra shopping cart back to the cart return area along with their own.

Give a homeless person food instead of money.

Compliment a stranger who looks unhappy.

Using ‘thank you’ and ‘excuse me’ as they go about their day.

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Preach. Bonus points for the fire and brimstone stuff. Extra bonus points if I can fluster them by knowing scripture better than them.


Smoke in a no smoking area.

Use a cell phone on speaker.

Drive a BMW or Audi.

Open carry.


Seeing someone say or do something unexpectedly kind during a moment of extreme tension.


Use their car horn for almost any reason.


Adults throwing a fit in store/ fast food/airport, because someone forgot your pickles, etc. Those people need to leave this planet.


Help someone in need. Instant good person karma from me.


Face tats


I won’t look you in the eyes if you have political propaganda on your car/property


Ask me to talk with them about God.


If they pick up litter I think they’re a good person. 


Their cellphone etiquette. bad or good, I will watch and judge accordingly.


If they ask me for money


ask to pray over me


A group at the bar yesterday sat down at our table (no problem with this, it was a large table in a packed bar and just my boyfriend and me). He then proceeded to chuck a used lime wedge in our direction, offered us his half drunk IPA when he had to head out, and then left his chair completely pushed out directly in the walkway. So yeah, that. Having zero spatial awareness that translates to piggish behavior.


I judge people for being too nice to their pets. Dogs should not be in strollers

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