What Sharks Do During a Hurricane

If you are a fan of Syfy’s extreme disaster movies, you might assume that sharks use the energy of ocean storms to launch themselves at people, all the better to eat them. But Sharknado was fiction, hurricanes are real, and there are dozen of species of sharks living in the ocean. How do they cope with hurricanes?

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Sharks normally congregate in shallow waters near the shore where it’s warmer and there are plenty of fish to eat. But when a major storm is coming -and they can tell- sharks use the same two strategies humans use: they either evacuate or they hunker down and ride it out. The difference in these decisions seems to depend on the size of the shark. Smaller shark species and juveniles not fully grown tend to head to deeper water, where they stay until several days after the storm has passed. Large sharks tend to stay put, and almost always come out fine on the other end. Maybe they’ve seen plenty of storms in their lives, and aren’t nearly as frightened, just like some older folks on land. But really, it’s more likely instinct. Read about sharks and hurricanes, with no disasters involved, at Vox. -via Damn Interesting

Source: neatorama

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