What Should Young Boys Do When They Discover A Box of Dynamite?

Essayist Gerard Van Der Leun is now in his 70s. He is a Baby Boomer and grew up in the postwar boom of Los Angeles. When he was a little boy, his family moved to the scenic mountains of the town of Paradise in nothern California.

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Van Der Leun was 9 and his brother, Thomas, was 7. They enjoyed the freedom of wandering through the woods of this old gold prospecting territory, having adventures as young boys should. While exploring the wonders of the area near their home, the boys found a box of dynamite.

Yes, actual dynamite.

In a beautiful essay titled “I Once Had Fortress in Paradise,” Van der Leun tells the story of what he and his late brother did with that dynamite. And he tells that story masterfully.

-via Instapundit | Photo: US Forest Service

Source: neatorama

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