What the Megaliths of Jharkhand Reveal About Tribal India

In 2016, a cluster of over 300 megaliths were discovered under a maze of shrubs and garbage near Ranchi. The tombstones of Yamuna Nagar had existed there since the Neolithic Age around 1AD, but the modern-day colony that sat above it had remained oblivious to the ancient treasure for years. The stones became the second largest megalithic site of Jharkhand.

Amidst quarried lands and dusty air riddled with the smell of charcoal, lay thousands of prehistoric megalithic structures that spread across the jagged terrain of Jharkhand. Not many have noticed their presence, even fewer acknowledge their relevance, but these are stone structures that have marked the land with tribal traditions of birth and death, celebration and remorse since ages. Jharkhand is one of the few places in the world where tribes continue to build megaliths today, but are we learning what they’re trying to tell us?

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Chokahatu, the largest megalith site in Jharkhand. Photo: Karan Kaushik/Outlook India

Source: amusingplanet.com

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