“What Words/Phrases Do You Hear Someone Say And Immediately Know You’re Probably Not Going To Like The Person?” (85 Answers)

We’ve all got pet peeves. Some people will smack anyone who starts chewing with their mouth open, and others might already be on their way home if a date shows up 5 minutes late. But there are also plenty of things people can say to make their potential friendships instantly go up in flames. 

Someone recently asked Reddit users to share words and phrases that alert them that they won’t like a person, and readers did not hold back. Below, you’ll find a variety of statements that people can’t stand, so enjoy learning what not to say upon meeting someone, and be sure to upvote the phrases that you consider to be red flags as well!

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“People don’t like me because I tell it like it is”

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Describes himself as an Alpha Male. Tells you implausible stories about how tough he is/how many women he’s “Banged”. Yeah, me an you gonna fall out soon buddy

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Anything that involves “god’s will”

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“I’m not racist but…”

Yes. Yes you are.


“No offense, but…”, just before saying the most offensive thing you’ve heard in your life.

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“We’re a family here” in a work setting. Mother f****r you just laid off “cousin” Bill.

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Anyone who is rude to waitstaff.
Been on a few dates where potential partners treated the waiter/waitress like garbage.
Instant dislike and termination of the date.

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“Men are logical/analytical, and women are emotional.”

That’s one of the most inaccurate statements I keep hearing every time I listen to a certain type of people on certain videos/podcasts.


Boys will be boys


“I’m so bipolar” to explain why they are indecisive or to play off poor life choices. Or just to say to sound quirky. Really hate that. I’m bipolar and rarely tell anyone.

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“I’m brutally honest”

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You should smile more ?

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‘thoughts and prayers”


“Ugh I hate cats”

I can’t trust someone who says that. People who hate cats, really hate cats. To the point of abuse.


“Do your own research.” Quickly became the mantra of some of the most misinformed and ignorant people on the planet.


“It’s all a part of god’s plan”


Women who say “I only have guy friends” which is usually followed by something like “women always bring drama / women are usually bitches / women can’t handle how real I am / women are always jealous of me.”

ETA: Yeah, it’s great having guy friends, but the problem is women who view other women as the enemy.

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“i have no problem with the gays, just keep it away from me”


“I am an influencer / I have xxxx followers…”


“Yes but you know there’s worst” everytime you have an issue. Denying the pain of someone isn’t helping them at all. Yes other have it worst, but at day D, hour H, I want to talk about my feeling and feel heard and seen. I want solutions or I want help or I want someone to b***h about the subject / person which / who is sensitive topic for me. Not thinking about others. That’s not being selfish, that’s destressing, and if you can’t find a solution at least outing bad vibes.


“oh im compelled to do this totally normal activity because my OCD/adhd/bipolar is kicking in!”

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“My ex was a narcissist”. I didn’t hear this nearly as often until the last year or so. Now suddenly everyone has had an ex that was a narcissist. I work in the behavioral health field and this one drives me crazy.

Like no, just because you both wanted different things in life doesn’t make him selfish enough to be labeled with an actual *personality disorder,* ***oh my god.*** Just say you weren’t compatible and move on with your life.

No offense to those who actually did genuinely date a narcissist.

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Got my shirt for x amount, my shoes for y amount type of people. You paid way more than normal people for stuff that’s not something to brag about. Also do you really have no innate worth that you have to toss around price tags to attract people’s attention.

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“Sheeple” As soon as I hear it I tune out everything else they have to say


“I’m a -insert star sign- so that’s why I’m (being a c**t)”

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“oh, that’s such typical [star sign] behaviour”


“I just say what everyone else is thinking”. Describing someone as an “alpha” “sigma” “beta”, or calling women “females”


If a person humiliates others for the sake of boosting his own ego, I immediately stop communicating with that person.

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“Why isn’t there a white history month” I’m not even huge into politics, but this says a lot about someone to me


“You’re so quiet”


“If you can’t handle me at my worst you don’t deserve me at my best”


I believe in the Bible as historical fact


“Do you know who I am?”


“Why didn’t they just take the eagles to Mordor?”

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“As a straight, white, cisgender person…”

Ma’am this a Wendy’s.


“as an empath –“

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“I hate drama.” I have never heard someone say this, unsolicited, and not been exhausted with their shenanigans within a day.

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specifically anyone who refers to the covid as “the rona”. i hate you.


“Let’s go Brandon”


“The Election Was Stolen!”


Anyone older who says “back in my day…you younger people don’t know what hard work is…” Anything like that as if they couldn’t buy a house on minimum wage and go to college without crippling debt. I personally graduated debt free thanks to scholarships but the older generations seem to not understand the wage/cost disparity between their generation and younger generations.




People who lie/brag about their IQ. In my experience they seem like the dumbest people.



Like, literally


“All men are trash”


To play devil’s advocate… proceed to argue for some unhinged sociopathic s**t…

Just say you hate every damn person on this planet and leave us alone.


“As an ENFP/ISTJ/JKDSAJKHSDF/other alphabet soup personality test baloney…”


When they start bragging about themselves when they first meet you.


“I removed one of your kidneys while you were unconscious.”


A man who uses “Females” to refer to women.

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I had this new coworker who I didn’t have to work with, but could have made both of our jobs easier. He didn’t even need to say anything. At the first morning meeting he had a Daily Wire coffee mug that said, “this cup is filled with liberal tears.”
Yeah, no thanks dude. I don’t need your help with anything.


“My truth”

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When talking about someone favorite sports team and they use the word “we”. What did you do to contribute to the team.


“Tough love” often seems to be used as an excuse to be a d**k. I get it when it’s like an intervention, but most times I’ve personally heard it this was just people who wanted to start s**t.


“You’re talking too much” when I’m being quiet just chilling


If they refer to themself as a brand.


“Everything happens for a reason.”

Nah that’s just a b******t platitude you tell yourself because thinking the world operates on logic and reason is a coping mechanism for avoiding the reality that the world is unfair, unpredictable and bad things happen to good people all the time.


“snowflakes”, “woke”, or “unbeknownst”.

Especially unbeknownst, I hate that word more than is reasonable to acknowledge.


Where’s my huuuuug?

Immediately no.


“I’m the type of person thaaaat…” You always know it gonna be followed by some egotistical b******t. Ex: If you cross me I’ll cut you off real quick, don’t f**k with me.”


people who will insert, “well if trump was still in office…” in every single conversation despite having nothing to do with politics


The gratuitous “God Bless”


Living my best life


Referring to something being “shoved down our throats”. I’ve found it to be a red flag for reactionary/narcissistic/conspiratorial thinking.


Anything involving crystal healing, essential oils doing more than just smelling nice, or projecting one’s dreams into reality. I forget the exact term for the third thing, at this moment.

If any one of those things come up in conversation and you’re being serious about it, I automatically don’t trust you completely. If multiple are a part of your personality, I don’t trust you at all.


“I’m a free spirit”


Anyone using words like “literally”, “toxic” or “problematic” in every other sentence. It’s like these words have lost all meaning.


“it’s none of my biz, but…”


I work in construction and am gay. I think construction workers are the only ones who still say ‘that’s gay’ about anything bad. So, any of those guys


“Irregardless” or “It is what it is”


“meat is murder”


“stop being weird”


Engagement, initiative…any kind of “group speak” that sounds like the corporate marketing manager plagiarized…


You know what your problem is don’t you?


“Say it louder for the ones in the back “…


For me it’s not words or phrases. It’s tone.

If they sound stressed or panicked or impatient over a small issue, I immediately know they’re a chore to deal with.

For example, you toss trash in the bin, miss. Go to pick it up, and they jump on you for littering.





I’ve never heard anyone use that term who wasn’t a flaming douchebag.


“I’m on the spectrum”

“Stop enforcing gender norms”


“That’s so f*****g cringe”

“Donald Trump was the best president ever”

“Donald Trump was the worst president ever”

“Sex and gender are a social construct”

“Capitalism is destroying the world”


Anyone who uses the phrase “are you/they on crack?” in response to a joke. Makes them seem very judgmental and like they have almost no sense of humor. Plus it makes it awkward for everyone.


“…just saying.”


“My pronouns are…”


” you’re part of the problem” people who say this are a part of the problem.


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