What You Don't Want to See in Your Hotel Room

Guy tries to break into hotel room while owner is there
by u/OnyxUnix in nope

A woman at the Holiday Inn in San Jose, California, ignored a knock on her door. Not long afterward, she saw a lock monkey snake its way into her room. She called the front desk and then recorded the break-in attempt. Hotel staff came and found a man and a woman who said they were looking for a friend. The couple got away before police arrived. The would-be intruders were obviously looking to rob a supposedly unoccupied room, since they knocked earlier to see if anyone was there. But it could have gone bad if she had confronted them herself. Here is the news report.

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Yeah, I don’t think switching to Airbnb would be any safer. But there are travel aids you can get that will block a door opening while you are in a hotel room. Something to think about. -via reddit

Source: neatorama

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