What's a Long Barrow For?

A long barrow is a Neolithic underground chamber, found in many places across Europe. Not all were dug out from the ground, as it was easier to build the chamber, then heap earth over the top, creating a mound. It was even easier if you started with a depression in the ground or a hill. But what were they for? The newest Neolithic long barrows are thousands of years old, and were possibly used for different purposes in different eras, but were often used as tombs. We don’t know for sure if that’s what they were originally designed for.

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These prehistoric chambers are not exactly safe for the general public to explore, so Tom Scott visited Soulton Long Barrow, which was built over the last ten years with modern safety standards in mind -and lighting. This barrow is part of the Soulton Hall estate in Shropshire, where you can stage a wedding or book a vacation.

Source: neatorama

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